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Spondy+ Dual Benefit Homeopathy Kit: Expert-Endorsed Solutions for Spondylitis Relief

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Embrace Spinal Health with Spondy+ Kit! Two expert-endorsed homeopathy solutions in one - targeted, natural relief for spondylitis. Start your journey towards a pain-free life today.

Homeopathy Kit SPONDIN+ for Spondylitis and Neck Pain

Overview: This doctor-recommended kit includes three homeopathic remedies specifically chosen for their potential to address spondylitis and cervical spondylosis. The kit consists of a patent drop and two single remedies formulated by leading homeopaths to help manage symptoms associated with these conditions.

Understanding Spondylitis and Cervical Spondylosis:

  • Spondylitis: Often characterized as an inflammation of the vertebrae, spondylitis is a type of spondylopathy and can include spondylarthritis, which affects the vertebral joints. This condition may lead to pain and limited flexibility in the neck.
  • Cervical Spondylosis: Also known as cervical osteoarthritis, this condition involves changes to the bones, discs, and joints of the neck due to aging. Symptoms typically include neck pain and stiffness. In advanced stages, inflammation may cause new bone growth on the spine, potentially leading to deformity and severe pain.

Potential Benefits of Homeopathy in Managing Spondylitis and Neck Pain: Homeopathic medicines in this kit are selected to help alleviate neck strain and pain while aiming to enhance the strength and flexibility of the neck. These remedies are designed to provide a gentle and non-invasive approach to managing symptoms.

Clinical Efficacy: A study titled “Homeopathic Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis: An Observational Study” published in the American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine in Autumn 2015 reported significant improvements. Participants noted a 78% improvement in pain intensity as measured by the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS).

Common Causes of Cervical Spondylosis:

  • Bone Spurs: Extra bone growth that can exert pressure on delicate areas of the neck.
  • Nerve Compression: Caused by bulging discs or bone spurs that impinge on nerves.
  • Degeneration of Bones: Natural wear and tear that affects spinal health.
  • Dehydrated Discs: Loss of cushioning in the disc spaces, increasing friction and pain.
  • Smartphone Use: Frequent head tilting to view smartphones can create excessive pressure, leading to posture-related spinal stress.

Symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis:

  • Neck Pain and Stiffness: Often worsens with movement.
  • Faintness or Sudden Blackouts: May occur due to restricted blood flow.
  • Frequent Urination: A less common symptom related to nerve compression.
  • Loss of Organ Function: Severe cases may impact other bodily functions.

Spondin plus in Hindi : स्पोंडिन प्लस - सर्विकल स्पॉन्डिलाइटिस का होमियोपैथी इलाज

Spondin+ Homeopathy Medicine Kit 1 for Spondylitis and Neck Pain

Introduction: Recommended by Dr. Pranjali, the Spondin+ Homeopathy Medicine Kit is specifically designed to address symptoms of spondylitis and cervical spondylosis. Dr. Pranjali discusses the effectiveness of this kit in her YouTube video titled "Spondylitis homeopathic medicine | cervical spondylitis treatment | neck pain symptoms & relief."

The kit contains

  • Spondin drops: Formulated with key ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties, these drops aim to reduce pain in the cervical region.
  • Lachnanthes Tinctoria 30C: A potent remedy for neck pain and stiffness, often used in cases of acute cervical spondylitis.
  • Colocynthis 200: Best known for addressing lower back pain that extends to the upper parts of the thigh and buttock.

Spondy-Plus is a Homeopathic kit recommended by the Doctor which has 3 medicines which will help you to get rid of the symptoms of spondylitis.   

Benefits and Actions:

  • Spondin Drops:

    • Key Ingredients:
      • Colocynthis Vulgaris 3X: Helps relieve muscle cramps and neuralgia.
      • Ruta Graveolens 3X: Targets pain in the neck and upper back.
      • Hypericum Perforatum 5X: Effective against nerve pain and inflammation.
      • Ledum Palustre 2: Eases stiffness and pain aggravated by cold.
      • Cuprum Metallicum 6X: Addresses muscle twitching and sensitivity along the spinal column.
      • Dulcamara 3X: Useful in conditions worsened by damp weather.
      • Conium Maculatum 3X: Relieves neck tension and pain.
  • Lachnanthes Tinctoria 30C:

    • Known as 'spirit weed', this remedy is specifically indicated for severe neck stiffness and pain, providing relief particularly when the pain is aggravated by lying down.
  • Colocynthis 200:

    • Effective for deep-seated hip and back pain, with relief often found through pressure and rest. This remedy is especially helpful for pains that worsen with motion and improve with rest.

Dosage Instructions:

  • Spondin Drops: 15 drops in 1/4 glass of lukewarm water, to be taken three times a day.
  • Lachnanthes Tinctoria 30C: 2 drops directly on the tongue, three times a day.
  • Colocynthis 200: 2 drops on the tongue, twice a day.

Conclusion: The Spondin+ Homeopathy Medicine Kit offers a comprehensive approach to managing spondylitis and neck pain, harnessing the potential of homeopathic remedies to improve quality of life. For further insights into the use of this kit, refer to Dr. Pranjali’s detailed video on YouTube.

Spondin+ Kit 2: Recommended by Dr. Kirti Vikram for Spondylitis

Overview: Dr. Kirti Vikram, a renowned homeopath and popular YouTuber, endorses the Spondin+ Kit 2 for managing spondylitis. Learn more about his recommendations and detailed explanations in his video, "Homeopathic medicine for spondylitis? explain!"

Contents of the Kit:

  1. Spondin Drops by Bhargava: Recommended dosage is 20 drops, mixed with water, taken three times daily.
  2. Arnica 200: Known for its healing properties, the recommended dosage is 2 drops, taken three times daily.
  3. Viscum Album 30: Recommended dosage is 2 drops, taken three times daily.

Detailed Benefits:

  • Arnica 200:

    • Pain Management: Arnica is highly regarded in homeopathy for its ability to reduce pain and swelling associated with physical trauma and inflammation.
    • Recovery Aid: It is particularly beneficial in cases where pain stems from soft tissue damage, making it suitable for spondylitis-related discomfort.
    • Systemic Healing: Arnica can also help in the overall healing process by improving blood circulation and combating inflammation, which is crucial for recovery from joint and muscle pains.
  • Viscum Album 30:

    • Joint and Muscle Health: Viscum Album is known for its effectiveness in addressing conditions related to stiffness and inflammation in the joints and muscles.
    • Circulatory Benefits: It supports better blood circulation, which can be particularly beneficial in conditions like spondylitis where reduced blood flow can exacerbate pain and stiffness.
    • Systemic Regulation: This remedy has been used to help regulate the body’s inflammatory responses, providing relief from chronic symptoms of spondylitis.

Usage Instructions:

  • Spondin Drops: 20 drops in some water, three times daily.
  • Arnica 200: 2 drops, three times daily.
  • Viscum Album 30: 2 drops, three times daily.

Conclusion: The Spondin+ Kit 2, as recommended by Dr. Kirti Vikram, offers a targeted approach to managing spondylitis through a combination of homeopathic remedies. Each component of the kit plays a significant role in addressing the complex symptoms of spondylitis, enhancing overall spinal health and mobility.

Other homeopathy Spondylitis medicines similar to Spondin+

  1. Bakson Spondy Aid Drops helps in preventing pain, stiffness & soreness in back muscles, arising from degenerative changes in the spine. Contains Acid formicum 3x for chronic arthritis of traumatic nature 
  2. BBP Spondyl Tablets  with Hypericum perf 12x for musculo-skeletal conditions and neck pain 
  3. Wheezal Spondalo Cervical Spondylosis drops contains Paris Quad 3x for heaviness, like weight upon neck
  4. Doliosis D18 Scolex contains Guaiacum 8x  a natural medicine highly beneficial when pain spreads over the entire neck, back of head and shoulders
  5. Wheezal WL 6 cervical Spondylitis Drops (mild) is a instant neck pain reliever formulated by Dr.Farokh J Master
  6. Related: Check doctor advise homeopathic combinations for frozen shoulder 

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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