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Blooume 38 Urticalcin Tablets for Osteoporosis, Rickets

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Homeopathy Blooume 38 Urticalcin Tablets

Discover the path to orthopedic relief with Blooume 38 Urticalcin Tablets, your ideal solution for combating osteoporosis and enhancing bone density. These specially formulated tablets are dedicated to strengthening your bones and reducing fragility, addressing the core issue of calcium deficiency which leads to osteoporosis. With Urticalcin, you are not just treating the symptoms, but actively fortifying your bones, making them less susceptible to breaks and fractures. Embrace Blooume 38 Urticalcin as your go-to calcium tonic for maintaining strong, healthy bones and preventing the onset of osteoporosis. Trust in the power of Urticalcin for a stronger, more resilient skeletal system and step confidently into a life of enhanced bone health and orthopedic relief.

Blooume 38 Urticalcin is indicated to avoid osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a result of calcium deficiency in bones and it results in weak bones which break regularly. Urticalcin is a excellent calcium tonic.

Ingredients & benefits of Blooume 38 Urticalcin Tablets

  • Calcium Carb D4: A homeopathic calcium tonic.
  • Calcium Phos D6: Helps in easy dentition, rickets and malunion of bones.
  • Silicea D6: Helps in growth of hair and nails.
  • Urtica Dio D1: Increases body's own defense mechanism by ensuring proper assimilation of calcium. Therefore good for osteoporosis.

Calcium Phos or Calcarea phos is a top remedy in curing osteoporosis, for delicate and easily breakable bones. This will promote the absorption of calcium from the food by improving assimilation. The bones of the neck are too small and weak to support the head which is normally large. The bones of the extremities are also weak and fragile.

Calcium Carb or Calcarea carb is often helpful to individuals who are easily tired by exertion and tend to feel anxious and overwhelmed from work or stress. The person may be chilly, flabby or overweight, and feel worse from cold and dampness. Back pain, swollen joints, and a sweaty head at night are often seen. People who need this remedy often have strong cravings for both eggs and sweets.

Silicea is another excellent  that can  cure of fracture in osteoporosis patients. Silicea  is usually prescribed in those patients of osteoporosis in which the disease is due to defective assimilation of calcium . In such cases Silicea is of considerable use and it helps by enhancing the assimilation power of digestive system.  Silicea is also very helpful where pus  or fistula formation has occurred at the site of fracture.  Silicea helps in efficient union of broken bone and it also held in removing bone splinters.

Additional Information

Dosage Adults: 2-4 tablets, thrice daily. Children: half the adult dose. Or as directed by the physician. 
Symptoms Osteoporosis
Manufacturer Holistic Remedies Pvt. Ltd
Form Tablets



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