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Homeopathic Solutions for Calcium Deficiency - Effective and Natural Remedies

Explore Our Range of Homeopathy Medicines for Calcium Deficiency

Calcarea Phos 30: Ideal for Osteoporosis: Strengthening Weak Bones & Aiding Calcium Absorption. 

A top homeopathic remedy for osteoporosis, where bones are fragile and prone to breakage, especially in the head, neck, and extremities

Calcarea Carb 30: Combat Fatigue & Cold Sensitivity in Osteoporosis. 

Useful for individuals who tire easily and feel overwhelmed

Calcarea Flour 30: Relief for Joint Discomfort and Lumbago in Osteoporosis Patients

Prescribed for joint issues like cracking, easy dislocations, swelling in tissues and ligaments and motion-initiated lumbago

Symphytum Officinale 30: Knit Bone: Natural Fracture Healing in Osteoporosis

Ideal for treating fractures, aids in bone knitting and reducing fracture site irritation.

Ruta Graveolens 30: Healing Tendons and Reducing Stiffness Post-Fracture

Beneficial for surrounding tendons and ligaments, reducing pain, soreness, and stiffness, particularly in wrist fractures.

Hypericum Perforatum 30: Alleviating Nerve Pain in Spinal Fractures 

Useful for severe back pain due to nerve damage in osteoporosis, controlling pain exacerbated by neck or arm movement.

Silicea 200: Enhancing Bone Healing and Calcium Assimilation in Osteoporosis

Biochemic improves digestive assimilation power, and helpful in cases of pus or fistula at the fracture site.

Phosphorus 30: Easing Spinal Pain and Weakness in Osteoporosis

Beneficial for osteoporosis with spine curvature and burning sensation in the spine, addressing pain and weakness

Sulphur 200: Sulphur 200: Addressing Spinal Curvature and Excessive Heat in Osteoporosis

Used for osteoporosis with spine curvature, leading to stooping walk and sit posture, treating backache and excessive body heat, particularly in the soles.

Fluoric Acid 30: Night-time Bone Pain Relief in Osteoporosis

For stabbing bone pain in bones from Osteoporosis that worsen at night

Aurum Metallicum 30: Targeting Severe Night-time Pain in Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis induced night-time pain, particularly in the skull, nose, or palate.

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