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Schwabe Biocombination 2 (BC2) tablets, Asthma, Cough, Breathlessness 15% off

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Schwabe Bio Combination No. 2: A Specialized Remedy for Nervous Asthma and Bronchial Conditions

Schwabe Bio Combination No. 2 is expertly formulated to address a range of respiratory issues, particularly focusing on nervous asthma. It is an ideal choice for those experiencing symptoms such as cough, gasping, and irregular pulse associated with nervous asthma. Additionally, it provides relief for asthma symptoms that are accompanied by troublesome flatulence or spasms.

This bio combination is particularly effective in treating bronchial asthma. It helps alleviate symptoms like convulsive, tickling cough and difficulty in breathing. Notably, it is beneficial for those who experience a worsening of symptoms in the evening and in warm rooms, with relief often found in colder air. Its composition targets bronchial asthma with yellow sputum, addressing both the respiratory discomfort and the accompanying digestive issues.


Are you facing issues while breathing. Don’t Ignore? Switch to BC2 to cope up with breathlessness.

BC2 Key Benefits:

  • Effective in the treatment of bronchial asthma
  • Provides effective relief from convulsive tickling cough
  • Reduces the problem of dyspnoea aggravated by food or exertion
  • Reduces gasping irregular pulse and excess yellow sputum
  • Useful in treating spasmodic complaints of lungs without mucus

BC2 Composition: Kalium phosphoricum 3x, Magnesium phosphoricum 3x and Natrum muriaticum 6x Natrum sulphuricum 3x in equal proportion.

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Proven indication of the ingredients of BC2 within the claimed sphere of action.

  • Kalium phosphoricum: It is a constituent of all fluids and tissues of the body and is considered as tissue forming constituent. Pathogenesis covers asthma where food, exertion, excitement, depression and cold aggravation. Expectoration is yellow. At mental plane, it has a mild calming effect.
  • Magnesium phosphoricum: Itis indicated for asthmatic oppression of chest, dry tickling cough, spasmodic cough, and pain due to constant cough in old. The drug is considered anti-spasmodic remedy where cold aggravates and warmth relieves.
  • Natrum muriaticum: Itis related to leucocytosis and the pathogenesis includes tickling cough, pain (stitch like) all over the chest, cough with headache, shortness of breath and whooping cough like symptoms. Symptoms aggravate due exertion and the patient feels better in open air.
  • Natrum sulphuricum: Itoccurs abundantly in nature. Catarrh, dyspnoea, humid asthma, thick ropy greenish cough are some of the symptoms for the drug. It regulates exertion of superfluous water from the system.

Contra-indication: Nil. It is a safe, non-toxic, non-addictive medicine with no reported side effect. It can be used along with other medicines.

Dosage of BC2: Adults 4 tablets, children 2 tablets, at a time, four times a day at intervals of three hours.

Presentation: Tablets of 100 mg in bottles of 20g.

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