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Medisynth RheumaSaj Oral Drops for Arthritis, Gout and Osteoarthritis

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About Medisynth RheumaSaj Oral Drops for Arthritis

Rhemua-Saj Oral Drops treats various kinds of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and osteoarthritis.The combination of ingredients used in Rheuma-Saj act in synergy to provide immense relief to individuals suffering from varied sprains / strains and stages of rheumatism.To enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, it is recommended to use Rhemua-Saj Oral Drops and Massage Oil together.

Indications of Rheumasaj Drops

For acute and chronic muscular or articular affections like joint pains. Sciatica and bone or tendon injury. Bruises, sprains, strains, stiff neck/joints and back or muscular ache.


  • Colchicum Autumnale Ø,
  • Rhus Toxicodendron Ø,
  • Cimicifuga Racemosa Ø,
  • Coffea Cruda 1x,
  • Natrum Salicylicum 1x,
  • Acidum Benzoicum 1x,
  • Kali Iodatum 2x

Action of Composition of Rheumasaj Drops:

Colchicum Autumnale Q:  used as one of the best active substances for gout and arthotic attacks in the small limbs, tenosynovities and lumbalsyndromatic processes.

Rhus Toxicodendron Q:   Rhus affects fibrous tissue markedly-joints, tendons producing pains and stiffness. pains mostly in cold season. Hot, painful swelling of joints. Rheumatic pains spread over a large surface at nape of neck, loins, and extremities; better motion

Cimicifuga Racemosa Q:   Aching pain down the thighs and through the hips with heavy pressing down.

Coffea Cruda 1x:  Indicated in Crural neuralgia; worse, motion, afternoon and night; better, by pressure. Dr Vikas Sharma says Coffea Cruda is a medicine used to manage sleeplessness in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.

Natrum Salicylicum 1x:  In acute articular joint pains, lumbago, sciatica

Acidum Benzoicum 1x:  It is well indicated in Joints crack on motion. Tearing with stitches, nodes very painful. Gouty deposits. Ganglion; swelling of the wrist. Pain and swelling in knees. Bunion of great toe. Tearing pain in great toe.

Kali lodatum 2x;  Severe bone-pains, joint pains at night and in damp weather. Contraction of joints. Pain in small of back and coccyx. Pain in hip, forcing limping. sciatica; cannot stay in bed; worse at night and lying on affected side. 

Dosage 10 drops up to 3 times a day
Manufacturer Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd
Form Drops

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