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Homeopathy for Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual Disorders

Some important Homeopathic Remedies for Menstrual Health are as follows

Dysmenorrhea Homeopathic Remedies:

  1. Pulsatilla Nig. 30: Ideal for changeable and scanty menses with emotional symptoms like weeping and need for consolation.
  2. Sepia 30: Addresses dysmenorrhea with severe pain, irregularities in menstruation, and a sensation of bearing down.
  3. Caulophyllum 30: For spasmodic and intermittent menstrual pains, beneficial for menstrual disorders at puberty.
  4. Belladonna 1X: Useful for sudden and intense menstrual pains, along with the general inflammatory symptoms.

Metrorrhagia Homeopathic Remedies:

  1. Sabina 30: Best for metrorrhagia with fluid and clotted blood, especially due to fibroids or during menopause.
  2. Thlaspi Bursa Q: For intermenstrual bleeding with colicky pains, suited to various underlying causes like fibroids.
  3. Trillium Pendulum Q: Effective for bright red intermenstrual bleeding accompanied by severe hip and back pain.
  4. Sepia 30: Recommended for intermenstrual bleeding during menopause, with symptoms like hot flushes and irritability.

Amenorrhea Homeopathic Remedies:

  1. Pulsatilla Q: Excellent for amenorrhea, particularly in young, impressionable women whose menses are suppressed due to getting wet.
  2. Damiana Q: Helps establish a normal menstrual flow in young girls.
  3. Sepia 30: For amenorrhea with hysteric headache, leucorrhea, and toothache; especially in delicate, constitutionally weak women.
  4. Lycopodium 30: Addresses amenorrhea suppressed by fear, along with associated symptoms like headache and leucorrhea.

Disorders of menstruation & their homeopathic management - a book by A.C. Cowperthwaite, M.D with clinical classification, definition, aetio-pathology, clinical features, prognostic significance, and their homeopathic treatment. 

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