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Homeopathy Infants and children remedies

Homeopathy offers a range of safe and gentle yet highly effective remedies for babies ranging from gripe water, teething pills, restorative tonic for infants, deworming (worm infestation), growth promoter, memory booster, Fever control, Cough relief etc. 

Children will particularly love homeopathic medicines as they are either mildly sweet (pills) or palatable in taste. Our range of Infants and children homeopathic remedies are clinically proven formulations from India’s leading homeopathic brands and are free of any side effects.

Clinical Observation of Children Remedies. Book by Farokh J Master - Book covers the art and science of homeopathic pediatrics, skills in treating new borns, 85 important homeopathic children remedies mapped to identifying features and other important symptoms

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Cradle cap treatment homeopathy medicines
Cradle cap treatment homeopathy medicines
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Schwabe Mama Natura homeopathy kit for children
Wheezal WL 14 Grow Tall Drops, Homeopathy Height Increase
Medisynth Easident Teething Pills for Easy Dentition
Homeopathy Gripe water Bakson Gripe aid
Bhargava TeethEasy for Teething discomfort, Gum pain
Allen Gripe homeopathy Mixture Homoeo Baby Care  - Freedom from Griping Pain
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Dr Raj Super Heightex Tablets - Natural Growth Booster for Children
Schwabe Rinikind globules for Rhinitis, stuffy nose in children
SBL Alfalfa Pediatric Tonic, Children Growth Supplement
Schwabe Alfalfa Paediatric Tonic, loss of appetite, anemia, weakness 100ml
SBL Denton Tablets, Teething Complaints, Gum swelling
Haslab Physi Hite Tablets for height increase
Bakson Tonsil Aid (Paediatric ) Tablets
Schwabe Calciokind Tablets for better Calcium absorption & immunity
Hapdco B.Ve. Phos  homeopathy Children Tonic. Effective Solutions for Vitamin and Calcium Deficiencies
Schwabe Biocombination BC21 Tablets for Teething Trouble(Dentition problems)
Allens Homeopathy Sonny Bonny Baby Oil
SBL Zerogrype Drops for Gripe, Gas and Colic in children
Allen Tonokid Childrens Tonic Malnutrition supplement
Schwabe Colikind Pills for abdominal colic in children, anti spasmodic
Schwabe Chamodent tablets for Teething problems.
Schwabe Kindival Tablets for hyperactivity & Sleep Disorders in Children
Schwabe Enukind homeopathy globules for nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting) in children
Wheezal Homeopathy Kid Kare Syrup, Immunity, Health Builder
Bhargava Infab Syrup for Healthy Baby
Wheezal Homeopathy Calendula Baby Powder for heat skin rashes
Schwabe Tussikind Tablets Homeopathy for whooping cough
Schwabe Anekind homeopathy globules for Anemia, Weakness in Children
Haslab HC 75 Chamomilla Complex Tablets (Teething)
Haslab Baby Tone up (Baby builder Tonic)
Schwabe Luffakind tablets for Pollinosis, allergic rhinitis in children
Schwabe Kindigest Globules for Digestive problems, Vomiting, Diarrhea in Children
Schwabe Nisikind globules for Cold, Cough, Muscle pain & fever in Children
Bakson Hite Aid Tablets - Support Growth & Development (60 Tablets)
Similia Kidiplex Syrup for healthy growth of children
51 results
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