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Travel Sickness Tablets (Pills) in Homeopathy

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Cure travel sickness in cars, boats, airplanes, etc. and enjoy your trip

Homeopathy can help you overcome motion sickness permanently with select remedies that not only address dizziness, nausea, and vomiting but also help eliminate the problem completely

You can stop motion sickness after it starts, typically when you get into a moving car or train by popping easy-to-carry homeopathic pills. It is most effective when symptoms are matched to remedies. Dr. K.S Gopi says "When motion sickness is concerned there are many effective medicines available in Homoeopathy, but the selection depends upon the individuality of the patient, considering mental and physical symptoms"

How to stop travel sickness after it starts

The following homeopathic medicines, indicated by experts can help you prevent its unpleasant symptoms. This most commonly prescribed medication for travel sickness is identified by Dr.K.S Gopi and Dr.Vikas Sharma. You may follow them on their blogs ks-gopi dot blogspot dot com and drhomeo dot com

  1. Petroleum 30 for motion sickness with headache, violent nausea and vomiting with vertigo and occipital headache, empty and weak sensation in the stomach. 

    In travel sickness there will be nausea and windy eructations. The patient will salivate a lot. There may be vomiting and dizziness that is worse from noise. The patient may have neck and occipital pain.

  2. Cocculus Indicus 30 for motion sickness with vertigo, travel sickness, worse from being in open air. The patient feels nausea and vomiting from riding in cars, boats, trains, or even when looking at moving objects. Treats Air, sea and  car sickness. Eyes unable to accommodate motion rapidly enough

  3. Tabacum Nicotina 30 for complaints worse from least motion and better on deck in fresh cold air, sinking feeling in the upper part of the abdomen. The person suffers from symptoms like pallor, cold sweat, and coldness, especially in the hands. Travel sickness, better from being in open air. Tight band around head, nausea, chilly, cold sweat
  4. Borax 30 for motion sickness with the characteristic symptom of dread of downward motion. The downward motion of the plane, car down a hill, or roller coaster ride brings on nausea and vomiting.
  5. Coffea Cruda 30 for motion sickness with continued sickness in the stomach with a headache. There is a constant inclination to vomit felt in the throat. Vomiting of mucus with violent attacks of migraine.
  6. Ipecacuanha 30 when the patient gets motion sickness by looking at fast-moving objects. There is a sinking feeling in the stomach with dizziness with a strain on the eyes. The patient feels a loss of appetite along with nausea.
  7. Staphysagria 30  is prescribed for motion sickness of nervous persons. It should be taken at the movement when dizziness and nausea commence before vomiting sets in.
  8. Theridion 30 is a prominent medicine prescribed in cases of seasickness. Nausea occurs along with vertigo, better upon closing eyes. The patient may end up vomiting out acrid water due to vertigo
  9. Nux Vomica 30 - best suited for people who get motion sickness that gets better after vomiting

Note: For best results, the medicines should match the indicated symptoms or as advised by your doctor

Dosage: (Pills) Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a physician.

A complete kit (for traveller's emergency) with 9 medicated pills is also available

Why travel sickness tablets in homeopathy?

  1. Get fast natural relief for multiple causes and symptoms of nausea while travelling in cars, boats, airplanes, etc
  2. Internal remedies are much more effective than motion sickness patches or glasses and motion sickness bands. No Side Effects! All 100% natural herbal ingredients, Non-drowsy, long shelflife and easy to carry and use.
  3. Calms the vagal nerve and inhibits the motility of the gastrointestinal tract preventing nausea and vomiting 
  4. No skin patching falling off or biocompatibility issues. Motion sickness skin patches have limitations and should not be used on allergic skin, on wounds or damaged skin.
  5. Quick dissolving pills, prepared the traditional way using hand succussion. Each 2 dram vials contains more than 225 pellets. More value for money!


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