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Anbuta Plus Drops - Natural Homeopathic Boost for Your Immunity

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Revitalize Your Immune System with Anbuta Plus Homeopathic Drops

Anbuta Plus Drops is a groundbreaking homeopathic remedy designed to boost the immune system, particularly beneficial for individuals with compromised immunity. Commonly associated conditions like HIV, cancer, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, and non-healing wounds often stem from weakened immune defenses. Anbuta Plus has demonstrated effectiveness in bolstering the immune response, particularly in those with weakened immune systems.


How Anbuta Plus Works:

Anbuta Plus activates the body’s natural defense mechanisms by:

- Stimulating macrophages, key white blood cells in immune function.

- Activating bone marrow cells.

- Modulating TNF (tumor necrosis factor-alpha) levels, reducing toxicity.

- Increasing CD4 and CD8 cell counts.

- Boosting platelet count.

- Enhancing appetite within 48 hours.


Key Benefits of Anbuta Plus:

- Reduces the body's viral load.

- Strengthens the immune system against opportunistic infections.

- Decreases chronic and recurrent illnesses.

- Supports weight gain and increases energy levels.

- Safe for use with other allopathic or herbal medications.


Anbuta Ingredients & benefits

  • Aconitum napellus DH20
  • Arsenicum album DH18
  • Asafoetida DH20
  • Calcarea carbonica DH16
  • Conium maculatum DH17
  • Ipecacuanha DH13
  • Phosphorous DH20
  • Rhus toxicodendron
  • Silicea DH20
  • Sulfur DH24
  • Thuja occidentalis DH15

    Aconitum napellus, Arsenicum album, Asafoetida, Calcarea carbonica, Conium maculatum, Ipecacuanha, Phosphorous, Rhus toxicodendron, Silicea, Sulfur, and Thuja occidentalis are key homeopathic ingredients known for collectively enhancing immunity by addressing various underlying causes of immune weakness, from stress and anxiety to physical ailments.


    Anbuta Administration:

    Anbuta Plus contains a blend of potent homeopathic ingredients, including Aconitum napellus, Arsenicum album, and others. The recommended administration involves:

    - Gently striking the bottle's bottom 15 times before use.

    - Taking the recommended dosage under the tongue.

    - Adhering to specific intake instructions based on illness severity.

    - Avoiding food and drink, except water, 30 minutes before and after consumption.

    - Storing away from electronic devices and sunlight.


    FAQs About Anbuta Plus:

    - Safety: Anbuta Plus, like all homeopathic medicines, is prepared through significant dilution, ensuring safety without known side effects.

    - Suitability: Ideal for anyone with a compromised immune system, including those affected by HIV/AIDS and cancer.

    - Duration of Use: Use as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

    - Taste: Anbuta Plus has a neutral taste due to its high dilution.

    - Compatibility with Other Medications: Can be taken alongside other treatments, including Anti Retroviral Therapy (ARV).

    Dosage and symptom relief details are meticulously outlined, ensuring proper use for those seeking a natural boost to their immune system. Anbuta Plus is manufactured by Natel Neutatec India Pvt. Ltd and comes in a convenient drop form.

    Dosage 10 drops sublingually (under the tongue) 3 times per day, 30 minutes before meals. • Children below 5 years 5 drops three times a day. • Half an hour before or after no solid food to be taken.
    Symptoms Weak Immunity,Viral infection, Measles, Flu, Dengue
    Manufacturer Natel Neutatec india Pvt. Ltd
    Form Drops



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