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Homeopathy Medicines for Stomach Worms with Cina, Santoninum

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Doctor recommended homeopathic medicines for stomach worms

Stomach worms (roundworms) also known as intestinal worm infections are of different types; flatworms, which include tapeworms and flukes. roundworms, which cause ascariasis, pinworm, and hookworm infections. These worms are sometimes visible in the anal area, in the underwear, or on the toilet. In feces or stools, the worms look like small pieces of white cotton thread. Because of their size and white color, pinworms are difficult to see. The main causes of stomach worms are poor sanitation, poor hygiene, contact with contaminated feces

Helminth is a homeopathy remedy kit for stomach worm infestation with a combination of the most effective homeopathic medicines as prescribed by two homeopaths.

Dr.Pranjali worms disease homeopathic medicines

This remedy kit is recommended by Dr.Pranjali, for more details watch Youtube:Stomach worms homeopathic medicine | stomach worm medicine | pet ke kide ki dawa

Indications- Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, gas/bloating, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain or tenderness, and an upset stomach.

Contents: This kit contains 3 units of sealed 30ml drops: Santoninum 30c, Cina 200c, Chelone Glabra Q

Mode of action of individual homeopathic remedies in Stomach worms remedy kit

1.Santoninum: It is said to be the best antihelminthic in children for ascarid worms, threadworms. This medicine is selected in cases where the teeth grinding is marked at night. Santoninum has the effect of paralyzing the anterior (front) end of the worm. As per Boericke materia medica Santoninum is of unquestioned value in the treatment of worm diseases, such as gastrointestinal irritation, itching of the nose, restless sleep, and twitching of muscles. Ascaris lumbricoides, and threadworms, but not tapeworms. Dr.Chakshu Mishra says Santoninum expels all types of worms except tapeworms. Itching in the anus is a prominent symptom calling for this remedy he adds

2.Cina: It is pre-eminently a worm medicine, as it causes all the symptoms which characterize helminthiasis both mental, nervous, and bodily. Cina is made from an herb known as wormseed, which was used in both ancient Rome and China for a variety of conditions, including irritation due to intestinal worms. Cina is useful for most of the reflex symptoms from worms. It is a remedy for round, thread, and tapeworms. The most typical symptom is perianal pruritus, especially at night, when the worms migrate and become more active. Dr.Chakshu Mishra says Cina covers many symptoms of usual stomach worm infestation that include irritable child, grinding teeth, black circle under the eye, malnutrition despite eating normally, and mucous stools

3.Chelone Glabra Q: It is a natural enemy to every kind of worm infesting the human body including round worms and thread worms. Homeopaths consider Chelone to be a valuable remedy as cholagogue (promotes the discharge of bile from the system) and vermifuge (worm killing)


  • Take these Santoninum (30c)- Children take 1 drop with water 3 times a day for 15 days. Adults take 2 drops 3 times a day.
  • Cina (200c)- Take 1 drop only in the morning (for children), and continue for 15 days. Adults may take 2 drops only in the morning.
  • Chelone Glabra Q- If it is a more severe infection then take 10 drops in ½ cup of water in the morning and at night. Chelone Glabra Q is not to be given to children because it is a very strong medicine.

Kit contents: Drops Kit: three 30ml sealed units, 2 dilutions, and 1 mother tincture. Pills kit: 2 units of 2 dram medicated pills and one unit of 30ml mother tincture

Other single homeopathic remedies for worms disease in humans


  • Blog - article by Dr.K.S Gopi in ks-gopi dot blog spot dot com
  • YouTube - Video titled 'Stomach worms Homeopathic Medicine. pet ke kide ki dawa. Best deworming medicine' by Dr.Chakshu Mishra

Filix mas 30 is an excellent remedy for the expulsion of tapeworms with constipation, enlarged lymph gland, and itching in the nose. Take 3 times a day for 7 days (Dr.Mishra)

Caladium 30 is an effective remedy for worms with itching in the vagina. The worms travel over the perineum and get into the vagina in little girls with a tendency to excite masturbation.

Curcurbita Pepo Q is an effective remedy for the expulsion of tapeworms

Cuprum oxidatum nig 3x  expels all types of worms including tapeworms and trichinella.

Teucrium mar Q is a very specific medicine for pinworms and round worms. Tingling and tickling in the nose are important symptoms. Anal itching and vaginal itching are also present

Thymolum 6c and Chenopodium 30 is specific for hookworm infestation.

Kousso 200 for brain worm infestation, also called Cysticercosis, an infection caused by the larvae of the parasite Taenia solium. This infection occurs after a person swallows tapeworm eggs. This is confirmed by CT scan, patients exhibits nausea, palpitation, syncope, confusion, headache, seizures

For best results, the medicines should match the indicated symptoms or as advised by your doctor

Dosage: (Pills) Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a physician. (Drops): The usual dosage is 3-4 drops in a teaspoon of water 2-3 times daily. Dosage may vary depending on the conditions. Always consult a Homeopathic Physician before taking medicines

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on a suggestion made by a doctor on YouTube, Blog whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advice or prescriptions or suggest self-medications. This is a part of the customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines

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