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Dysmenorrhea Homeopathy Combo for painful menses

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About Dysmenorrhea Homeopathy Combo

Dysmenorrhea Homeopathy combo is a very effective combination of homeopathic medicines indicated for menstrual disorders. The key remedies indicated in this combo are useful for Dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, pain in the ovaries, and related problems. It is also indicated for irregular menstrual cycle to discharges that cause discomfort.

Combo Contents: Dr.Reckeweg R28 drops (22ml)- 1 unit, Haslab HC16 Helonias Complex Tablets (20gm)- 1 unit, Medisynth Femacol Drops (30ml)- 1 unit.

1. Dr.Reckeweg R28 drops for Dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea, Irregular periods

Dr.Reckeweg R 28 drops is a German homeopathic patent formulation for irregular periods in women. It has key ingredients like acidum sulfuric, aesculus etc that acts on dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) and amenorrhea (abnormal absence of menstruation). It acts on unstriped muscular fibres. It is also indicated for exhaustion caused due to blood loss, flushes of heat that are followed by perspiration (sweat). It also treats dull pains across back.

Ingredients: Acidum Sulfuric. D4, Aesculus D2, Crocus D4, Ferrum Phosphoric. D8, Hamamelis D6, Secale Cornut. D6.

Indications: Dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, Acts on the unstriped muscular fibres, Conditions of exhaustion due to loss of blood, Flushes of heat followed by perspiration, Dull pains across the small of the back

Dosage: According to the graveness, 4-6 times a day 10-15 drops in some water before meals. After improvement, reduce the dose to 3 times daily 10 drops. Even after complete recovery, take the medicine for a longer period of time. It will be advisable to take 5-10 drops twice daily (morning and night), for about 8 days before the next menstruation is due.

2. SBL Dysmin Tablets for Dysmenorrhea

SBL's Dysmin Tablets is clinically proven formulation with well balanced homoeopathic medicines which brings relief from painful menstruation effectively. Acts on the uterus having ant spasmodic pain relieving properties. Dysmin is especially formulated for alleviating the monthly trauma-painful menses in women.

Contains: Cactus grandiflorus 3x, caulophyllum thalictroides 3x, cimicifuga racemosa 3x, magnesia phosphoria 3x, viburnum opulus 3x

Dosage: 2 tablets 4 times daily prior to onset of periods, followed by 2 tablets every hour during pain. Reduce dosage with reduction of pain frequency

3. Medisynth Femacol Drops for Uterine Ailments, Leucorrhoea, Painful menstruation

Medisynth Femacol drops is a tissue tonic used for uterine ailments. It has been successful in treating all ailments ranging from irregular menstrual cycle to discharges that cause discomfort.

A tissue tonic for women, Femacol Drops prove useful in cases of white or yellowish discharge. The tonic also aids in dealing with a wide range of uterine ailments related to the menstrual cycle like irregularities or painful menstruation, dysmenorrhea.

Regular use of Femacol Drops will help in maintaining regularity and prevent a recurrence. The therapeutic efficacy of Femacol is due to the time-tested properties of its constituents, which in combination act in synergism to cover a wide range of uterine ailments.

Ingredients: Ova Tosta 6- 2%, Calcarea Phosphorica 30- 2%, Kali Muriaticum 30 -2%, Kali Phosphoricum 30- 2%, Kali Sulphuricum 30- 2%, Natrum Muriaticum 30- 2%, Natrum Phosphoricum 30- 2 %

Dosage: 5 to 10 drops of Medisynth Femacol drops 2 to 3 times a day, or as prescribed by the physician 

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