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Dr. advised homeopathy Ingrown toenail treatment

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Say Goodbye to Ingrown Toenail Pain with Our Homeopathy Treatment Kit!

Are painful ingrown toenails causing you endless discomfort and worry? You don't have to suffer in silence anymore. Our specially curated homeopathy treatment kit, endorsed by two experienced homeopaths, is here to provide soothing relief and prevent the dreaded formation of pus.

Why Choose Our Ingrown Toenail Treatment Kit?

  1. Expert Recommendation: Our kit comes with the trusted endorsement of not just one, but two accomplished homeopath doctors who understand the nuances of ingrown toenail pain and the power of homeopathy in providing holistic relief.
  1. Natural Healing: Homeopathy is renowned for its gentle and natural approach to healing. Our medicines work in harmony with your body's innate healing mechanisms, addressing the root causes of discomfort for long-lasting relief.
  1. Pain Relief and Pus Prevention: Our focus is not only on alleviating the pain associated with ingrown toenails but also on preventing the formation of pus, a common complication of this condition.

How Our Ingrown Toenail Treatment Kit Can Help:

- Pain Alleviation: Our carefully formulated remedies target the pain and discomfort of ingrown toenails, making each step you take a sigh of relief.

- Infection Prevention: By addressing the underlying causes, our kit aims to thwart the development of pus and potential infections, ensuring a healthier natural healing process.

- Individualized Treatment: We understand that each person's experience with ingrown toenails is unique. Our doctors have identified remedies based on specific needs and symptoms based out of past clinical experience and success

- Easy Application: Our homeopathic medicines are easy to administer (with guidelines), allowing you to follow your treatment plan effortlessly.

Experience the Power of Homeopathy:

Homeopathy has a rich history of helping individuals find relief from various health conditions, including ingrown toenails. With our doctor-recommended homeopathy treatment kit, you can experience the benefits of this natural and holistic approach to healing.

Join Us on Your Journey to Ingrown Toenail Relief:

Don't let ingrown toenails hinder your daily life any longer. Our doctor-recommended homeopathy treatment kit is your key to finding the natural relief you've been searching for. Step out in comfort and confidence once more.

Order Your Ingrown Toenail Treatment Kit Today and Walk Pain-Free Tomorrow!

Doctor recommended homeopathy Ingrown toenail treatment kit features & benefits

Homeopathy offers non surgical ingrown toe nail treatment options with some specific remedies like Myristica sebifera and Magnetis Polus Australis. Two homeopaths discuss causes of ingrown toenails, how to treat the infection it causes and address the throbbing pain (usually at night)

Causes: the ingrown toenail usually appears on the great toe and is common in sports persons, those wearing tightfitting shoes or high heels and in diabetic person says Dr Rawat chaudhary. He says if the nails are not cut properly i.e., depth cutting of nails that is round shaped causes nails to grow inwards. Toe injury caused by activity or tight wearing shoes also leads to this situation

Symptoms: there may be inflammation with redness and swelling in the affected area on the edges of the toe bed. There may be infection with pus and throbbing pain

Is surgery feasible in Ingrown toenail treatment?  Dr Rawat says that surgery may be the only option in advanced cases of infection in ingrown toenail treatment. If the infection has spread deep, almost to the bone, then surgical removal is advisable because of the toe bones inability to absorb antibiotics. Surgery is required to remove the infected bone to prevent the infection from spreading further. In other cases surgery is not required because it can relapse. Dr Rawat Chaudhary says he has treated many patients who came back after surgery with the same problem

Tip: Homeopathy medicines for nail afflictions like Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis), Brittle Nails (Onycholysis) or Black or Blue Spots due to injuries in collection here

Kit-1 Dr. Rawat ingrown toenail removal treatment homeopathy combinations

Dr Rawat recommends certain medicines which he says is therapeutically beneficial in ingrown toenail treatment from his clinical experience. He says these are generalised medicines and individual treatment may vary. Watch his YouTube video titled 'Ingrown Toe Nail |Onychocryptosis | Pain swelling Pus treatment without surgery' for more info

  • Myristica Sebifera 30 - it is derived from Brazilian plant Ucuba belonging to the family Myristicaceae. This remedy is a great antiseptic and has great efficacy in treating ulcerative and suppurative conditions of cellular tissue and periosteum. Myristica Sebifera quickens the process of suppuration and shortens the period. This remedy is great in healing inflammatory and suppurative stages.
  • Magnetis Polus Australis 30medicine indicated when there is an extreme pain in the ingrown toenail coupled with sharp, pulsating pain and intense soreness around the affected part.
  • Silicea 30 - Silicea commonly known as Pure flint is a leading homeopathic remedy of mineral kingdom and is derived from chemical compound silicon dioxide.
  • Teucricum Mar Var 30 -it is commonly known as Cat Thyme. This homeopathic remedy is prepared from freshly harvested part of the plant which is chopped gently and crushed. The final product is then macerated in alcohol. This homeopathic medicine helps in treating ingrown toenail successfully when accompanied by a suppurated toenai

 Dose: 3-4 drops in teaspoon of water thrice daily (1-1-1)

(External) Soak - Dr advises soaking affected foot in warm water with Calendula Q. Add 50ml of Calendula Q in 1 liter of warm water and soak it for 10 minutes. You may apply the mother tincture on affected area by dabbing it in a cotton ball. This softens the nail bed and reduces pain.

Soaking the affected area in salt or antiseptic solution like Calendula Q will not only help with the ingrown nail itself, but also help prevent any infections from occurring. Repeated soaking will soften the ingrown nail and wedging with soft cotton can help it grow out for trimming

Kit contains 5 units, 4 units of 30ml dilution and 1 unit of 100ml mother tincture

Kit-2 Ingrown toenail treatment without surgery - Dr. Aparana's homeopathic combinations

Dr. Arpana Samanta, Homeopathic Doctor (Gold Medalist) from New Delhi, talks about ingrown toenail treatment in her YouTube video ' इनग्रोन टोनेल्‍स के लिए होम्योपैथिक इलाज || INGROWN TOE NAILS Homeopathic Medicines'. She recommends

  • Graphites (30/200) - thick nails that may be brittle, patient may also present dirty skin which is ailment prone.  Graphites commonly known as Black Lead Plumbago is derived from the crushed grain of purest black lead. Very effective remedy for skin complaints and ingrown toenails. Graphites Naturalis is a medicine that is used to treat ingrown toenails in cases where the nails are thick and rough.
  • Silicea (30/200) - ingrown toenail with infection and pus formation.  The word Silica is originated from the Latin word Silex denoting Silicon Oxide. This remedy is well indicated for the ailments attended with pus formation.
  • Hypericum (30/200)  - patient has abscess that may be deep with burning and pain, patient may be diabetic
  • Myristica Seb (30/200) - specific treatment of ingrown toenail with swelling and pain. It will help relieve pain and clear up the discharge and used widely with silicea above
  • Magnetis Polus Australis (30/200) - another specific medicine for pain and swelling of ingrown toe nails

Doctor says dosage, potency and repetition depends on various factors and individual case profile. In general 3-4 drops in teaspoon of water thrice daily (1-1-1) or as advised by your doctor


Homeopathy Silicea for brittle nails

Doctor advise Nail Fungus Combinations, Onychomycosis

REPL Dr Adv No 178 drops nails-crumben (for healthy nails)

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on a suggestion made by a doctor on YouTube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advice or prescriptions or suggest self-medications. This is a part of the customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines  

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