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Bakson's Compound#46 Slim tablets for excess body fat

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Homeopathy Bakson's Compound#46 tablets 

Bakson's Compound # 46 Slim Tablet is a homeopathic medicine used to maintain and reduce excess body fat. It helps to maintain the weight gained due to thyroid dysfunctions and helps to regulate digestive disturbances.

Thyroid dysfunctions refer to various disorders that affect the thyroid gland's ability to produce and release thyroid hormones, which play a crucial role in regulating metabolism, energy production, and many bodily functions. The thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck and produces hormones such as thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).

There are several types of thyroid dysfunctions, including:

  1. Hypothyroidism:

    • Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough thyroid hormones. This can result in a slowed metabolism, fatigue, weight gain, cold sensitivity, dry skin, and other symptoms.
    • The most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland.
    • Treatment usually involves taking synthetic thyroid hormone medication (levothyroxine) to restore hormone levels.
  2. Hyperthyroidism:

    • Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland produces an excess of thyroid hormones. This can lead to symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, weight loss, anxiety, irritability, and heat sensitivity.
    • Graves' disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism and is also an autoimmune disorder.
    • Treatment options include medications to regulate thyroid hormone production, radioactive iodine therapy, or, in some cases, surgery to remove part of the thyroid gland.
  3. Thyroid Nodules:

    • Thyroid nodules are abnormal growths within the thyroid gland. Most thyroid nodules are benign, but some can be cancerous.
    • Nodules may not cause symptoms, or they may lead to symptoms like difficulty swallowing or a visible lump in the neck.
    • Depending on the size, type, and characteristics of the nodules, treatment may involve monitoring, medication, or surgery.
  4. Thyroid Cancer:

    • Thyroid cancer occurs when cells in the thyroid gland become cancerous. It can often be treated successfully, especially when detected early.
    • Treatment typically involves surgery to remove the cancerous tissue, and in some cases, additional treatments like radioactive iodine therapy or radiation therapy.
  5. Thyroiditis:

    • Thyroiditis is inflammation of the thyroid gland, which can result in temporary hypothyroidism (early phase) or hyperthyroidism (later phase). Causes include viral infections, autoimmune processes, and other factors.
    • Treatment depends on the underlying cause and phase of thyroiditis.

It's important to consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and management. Thyroid disorders can have a significant impact on overall health, so timely intervention and treatment are essential.

Key Ingredients:

  • Phytolacca berry 3x
  • Fucus vesiculosus 3x
  • Graphites 3x
  • carbonicum 3x

Key Benefits:

  1. Maintains the tendency of weight gain
  2. Helps to induce proper metabolism of the food and aids in the effective digestion of food
  3. It has a tendency to dissolve fat in obese people

    Directions For Use:

    • Adults should take 2 tablets, thrice a day
    • Children should take 1 tablet, thrice a day

    Safety Information:

    • Read the label carefully before use
    • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
    • Keep out of reach of the children
    • Do not exceed the recommended dosage

    Contra-indication: None

    Side effects: No known side effects

    Expiry: 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

    Manufactured in India by Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

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