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Bakson Aller Aid Tablets for Sneezing, watery eyes, hay fever

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"Discover Relief from Hay Fever with Bakson Aller Aid Tablets!"

 Tired of battling the discomfort of hay fever? Bakson Aller Aid Tablets offer a natural solution to ease your symptoms and help you breathe easy again.

🌼 Key Ingredients for Hay Fever Relief:

- Ferrum Phos 3X: Targets the first stage of colds and helps those predisposed to colds. Say goodbye to early discomfort!
- Natrum Mur 3X: Alleviates violent, fluent coryza with a thin discharge. Regain control over your runny nose.
- Kali Sulph 3X: Ideal for colds with yellow, slimy expectoration and blocked noses. Breathe freely once more.
- Baptisia Tinc 3X: Soothes throat pain and addresses difficulty in swallowing solid food. Enjoy meals without discomfort.
- Causticum 3X: Tackles coryza with hoarseness, making your voice clear and strong.
- Sabadilla 3X: Offers relief from spasmodic sneezing, providing respite from hay fever's relentless grip.

✨ Why Choose Bakson Aller Aid Tablets:

- Natural Relief: No need for harsh chemicals; our tablets harness the power of natural ingredients.
- Comprehensive Solution: Designed to address a range of hay fever symptoms for complete relief.
- Non-Drowsy: Stay alert and active without the drowsiness often associated with other remedies.

🌻 Don't let hay fever keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Bakson Aller Aid Tablets provide the relief you need to embrace life to the fullest.

Experience the joy of hay fever-free days and nights. Trust in the power of nature to help you breathe easy. 🌿🤧

About Aller Aid - Medical Bulletin

Bakson Aller Aid Tablets, a homoeopathic combination, provides relief from hay fever without any side effects. Aller aid tablet causes no drowsiness or disturbance in daily routine. It is indicated for running nose, sneezing, watery eyes, sinusitis, fever and body ache due to allergies.

About Aller Aid indicated for:

  • Runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes.
  • Sinus congestion (Sinusitis).
  • Fever and body ache due to allergies & hay fever.

Aller Aid Tablet, a homoeopathic combination, provides relief from hay fever without any side effects. Aller Aid Tablet causes no drowsiness or disturbance in daily routine.

Bakson Aller Aid Tablets is indicated for Hayfever which is also called pollinosis or allergic rhinitis. About 20% of the population is affected by Hay fever at any given point of time. It is a allergic manifestation due to pollen or dust which causes running nose and watery eyes. Usually the body immune system over reacts to dust or pollen during winter causing swollen mucous membranes.

Ingredients Natrum mur. 6x, Bryonia alba 4x, Ferrum phos.3x, Causticum 6x, Eucalyptus gl. 3x, Gelsemium semp. 6x, Kalium sulph. 3x, Kalium mur. 3x, Baptisia tinc.4x, sabadilla 6x, Eupatorium perf. 3x. 

Action of ingredients in Aller Aid tablets:

  1. Ferrum Phos 3x: First stage of colds in the head. Predisposition to colds. Sore throat of singers. Subacute laryngitis with fauces inflamed and red.
  2. Natrum Mur 3X: Violent, fluent coryza, lasting from one to three days, then changing into stoppage of nose, making breathing difficult. Discharge thin and watery, like raw white of egg. Violent sneezing coryza.
  3. Kali Sulph 3X: Cold, with yellow, slimy expectoration. Nose obstructed. Smell lost
  4. Kali Mur 3X: Stuffy cold. Nosebleed. Tonsils inflamed; enlarged so much, can hardly breathe.
  5. Baptisia Tinc 3X: Great difficulty in swallowing solid food. Painless sore throat, and offensive discharge. Pain at root of nose.
  6. Bryonia A 3X: Coryza with shooting and aching in the forehead. Swelling of tip of nose, feels as if it would ulcerate when touched.
  7. Causticum 3X: Coryza, with hoarseness. Scaly nose. Nostrils ulcerated.
  8. Eucalyptus 3X: Stuffed up sensation in nose. Feeling of fullness and soreness in throat on swallowing, burning in throat.
  9. Gelsemium 3X: Sneezing, fullness at root of nose. Dryness of nasal fossa. Swelling of turbinates. Watery, excoriating discharge. Acute coryza
  10. Sabadilla 3X: Spasmodic sneezing, with running nose. Coryza, with severe frontal pains and redness of eyes and lachrymation. Dry fauces and throat. Sensation of a lump in throat with constant necessity to swallow.
  11. Eupatorium 3X: Coryza, with sneezing. Hoarseness and cough, with soreness in chest. Chronic loose cough, chest sore

For best results take B22 drops alongwith Aller aid tablets. Now available in a combo (Aller aid plus)

Dosage Adult pack: 1 tablet of Bakson Aller Aid Tablets 4 times a day. Pediatric pack: infants (0-1 year): 1 tablet thrice a day. Toddlers(1-3 years): 2 tablets thrice a day. Children (Above 3 years): 3 tablets thrice a day. Or as prescribed by the physician.
Manufacturer Baksons Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
Form Tablets

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