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Sulphur Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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Sulphur: The Quintessential Anti-psoric Homeopathic Remedy

Sulphur stands out in the realm of homeopathy as a paramount anti-psoric medicine, known for its distinctive action that radiates from the inside out. It harbors a special affinity for the skin, manifesting symptoms such as warmth, burning sensations, and itching that intensify with the heat of the bed. This remedy is characterized by a lack of energy and a general looseness of the fibers, leading to a notable weakness in physical tone.

The hallmark signs indicative of Sulphur's homeopathic applicability include sudden flushes of heat, an aversion to water, coarse hair and skin texture, brightly colored orifices, a recurrent sinking sensation in the stomach around 11 a.m., and a tendency towards brief, unsatisfying naps. Sulphur patients often find standing to be their most uncomfortable position, indicating a profound discomfiture with being upright.

A notable aspect of Sulphur is its efficacy among individuals who exhibit a general neglect for personal hygiene, with a predisposition towards various skin conditions. An interesting aversion to water and bathing is frequently observed. Sulphur has the remarkable ability to kickstart the body's reactive capacities, especially when well-chosen remedies fail to elicit a response, particularly in acute situations. It is known for addressing conditions that tend to recur, marked by generally offensive smells and secretions.

Facial redness, easy flushing, and very red lips are common physical manifestations of Sulphur. It plays a critical role both at the commencement of treating chronic conditions and in concluding the treatment of acute ones.

Mental and Emotional Aspects

Sulphur's influence extends to the mental and emotional spheres, often marked by forgetfulness and a struggle with recollection. Individuals may experience a range of delusions and exhibit a constant busyness. Behaviors such as childish irritability, peevishness in adults, and an egocentric attitude devoid of concern for others are key indicators. Sulphur can also address states of religious melancholy and a profound dislike for labor.

Sulphur uses/benefits in Hindi: "सल्फर त्वचा की खुजली और रूखेपन दोनों के लिए प्रभावी है। त्वचा भी बहुत गंदी दिखती है और बहुत अस्वस्थ है" डॉ. के एस गोपी कहते हैं। यह संचार प्रणाली पर एक उल्लेखनीय कार्रवाई करता है और गर्मी के प्रवाह को दूर करने और बवासीर का इलाज करने में मदद करता है। यह चिह्नित लाली, जमाव और गर्मी के साथ सूजन की स्थिति का इलाज करने में मदद करता है

Dr. Vikas Sharma recommands Sulphur for

Dr Vikas Sharma says “When it comes to treating complaints of the rectum, Sulphur offers major help in cases of constipation, diarrhoea, piles and anal itching. Use of tis remedy is considered in cases of constipation when stool is hard, dry and seems as if burnt. This is attended with frequent and ineffectual want to evacuate especially at night time. Stool is unsatisfactory with sensation as if some still remained in the rectum. Heaviness on the top of head is felt along with constipation. It is also a well-indicated medicine for prolapse of rectum, especially when passing a hard stool “

Sulphur works very well to manage itching and burning in eyes. Person needing it also have sensation of sand in eyes. Other complaint that they have is watering from eyes. This gets more in open air. It is very suitable to treat inflammation, swelling and redness of eyes.

Dr. K. G. Gopi reccomands Sulphur for

Dr KS Gopi says “Sulphur 200 may be prescribed both bleeding and blind piles. There is a sinking feeling at the stomach , especially in the afternoon . Itching and burning in the anus. Irritable skin, worse at night, on getting warm in bed, and from washing”

The patient may also have an increased craving for sweets. thus sulphur ranks among the top homeopathic remedies for Lichen Planus (Sulphur 200CH).

Causes & Symptoms for Sulphur

  • Intolerably agreeable, tingling, itching pimples and vesicles aggarvated at night indicates Sulphur.
  • Flushes of heat; rush of blood to head, chest, heart pertaining to irregular distribution of the circulation is a feature of Sulphur.
  • Heat and burning sensation of all parts or coldness, sweating of many parts.
  • The orifices are not only red and congested, but they are sore and hypersensitive as well; the passage of all discharges or excretions is painful
  • (red ears, red nose; red eyelids and red borders round eyelids: brilliant red lips; bright red anus in children; red meatus urinarius; red vulva)
  • Suited to Lean, stoop-shouldered persons, who walk and sit stooped, standing is the most uncomfortable position.
  • Dirty, filthy people, with greasy skin, and long, straight, matted hair, prone to skin affections.
  • Sulphur acts on the whole respiratory tract, from the nose to the lung tissues.
  • Children are emaciated, old-looking faces, big bellies, with dry and flabby skin

Patient Profile of  Sulphur


  • Heat and Headache: Persistent heat at the top of the head, with headaches characterized by a sense of heaviness, fullness, and pressure in the temples, often accompanied by vertigo. Periodic episodes of sick headache and ringworm of the scalp, leading to dryness and itching with hair loss.


  • Discomfort and Ulceration: Issues include ulceration on the eyelid edges, accompanied by heat and burning sensations in the eyes, dizziness, and the appearance of black dots before the eyes. Conditions such as ulceration of the cornea and conjunctivitis, marked by burning and itching.


  • Hearing Problems: Experiences of buzzing in the ears following infections and a transition from highly sensitive hearing to diminished auditory capacity.


  • Nasal Issues: Manifestations include vesicular eruptions across the nose, indoor nasal blockage, and red, scabby wings of the nose from chronic dry catarrh, which may bleed. The presence of nasal polyps and adenoids is noted.


  • Oral Discomfort: Symptoms involve dryness of lips, a burning sensation, and a bitter taste in the morning. The gums may swell, exhibiting throbbing pain alongside a white tongue with a red tip.


  • Throat Sensations: A feeling of a lump in the throat accompanied by burning, redness, and dryness.


  • Digestive Disturbances: Fluctuations between total loss of appetite and excessive hunger, a preference for sweets, and symptoms of burning, painful sensations with excessive acidity. A notable weak, faint, and empty feeling exacerbates the need to eat.


  • Abdominal Sensitivity: The abdomen is sensitive to pressure, with rawness and soreness, especially pain and soreness over the liver area, including colic symptoms.


  • Rectal Discomfort: Intense itching and burning of the anus with hemorrhoids, frequent stool with an ineffectual desire, and hard, knotty, insufficient stool. Symptoms also include burning and redness around the anus with itching and painless diarrhea with prolapse of the rectum.


  • Urinary Issues: Frequent, profuse urination and bedwetting in children, burning in the urethra, and the passage of mucus and pus in urine. Sudden urges and soreness are common.


  • Male Reproductive Symptoms: Involuntary emissions with stitches in the genital area, itching of the parts at night with a sensation of cold, relaxed organs.


  • Female Reproductive Symptoms: Itching of the vulva, burning in the vagina, irregular menses that are late, short, scanty, and painful with a thick, black, acrid flow causing soreness. Symptoms of acrid leucorrhea and cracked nipples.


  • Breathing Difficulties: Challenges in breathing with chest oppression and voice loss, heaviness in the chest with a loose cough, and sweetish, purulent expectoration. Profuse mucus with rattling in the chest, alongside heat and brown chest spots.


  • Back Discomfort: Severe pain between the shoulders, stiffness in the nape of the neck.


  • Limb Weakness: Limb weakness with hand trembling, profuse sweating, pain in the left shoulder with a sensation of heaviness and paralysis. Symptoms of gouty nodules, itching, and stiffness in limbs, knees, and ankles.


  • Sleep Disturbances: Limb jerking and twitching during sleep, sleep talking, waking up singing, restless sleep with sudden awakenings.


  • Fever Symptoms: Skin feels hot and burning with heat flashes, dry skin with intense thirst, recurrent and remittent fever with offensive sweat.


  • Skin Conditions: Unhealthy skin prone to suppuration from minor injuries, presence of freckles, pimply eruptions, pustules, rhagades, hang-nails, excoriation (especially in folds), with itching and burning sensations after scratching.

Modalities: Worse at rest, when standing, warmth in bed, washing, bathing, in morning, night, and from alcoholic stimulants. Better in dry, warm weather, lying on right side and from drawing up of the affected limbs.

Side effects

  • No side effect of this remedy is known in therapeutic doses.
  • Contraindications
  • No contra-indication for the use of this remedy is known.

Dosage: Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicines varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age, sensitivity and other things. In some cases they are given as regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a longer period. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician's advice. Please avoid taking any food or drinks for a few minutes before and after taking the medication.

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