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Doliosis D69 Spanish Fly. Homeopathy Sex Tonic

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D69 Spanish Fly Drops: Ignite Passion, Naturally

šŸŒæ Universal Desire Enhancer: Whether you're male or female, D69 Spanish Fly Drops are crafted to elevate your intimate moments. Experience a surge in sexual desire and embrace a more fulfilling and passionate connection.

šŸŒæ Boost Performance: Not just about desire, our drops ensure you have the stamina and confidence for a satisfying sexual act, making every moment count.

šŸŒæ Nature's Finest Ingredients & Their Benefits:

- Agnus Castus 8X: Renowned for its ability to address lack of sexual desire and symptoms of impotence.
- Cantharis 8X: Often referred to as the 'Spanish Fly', it's known to stimulate sexual desire and enhance sensitivity.
- Urtica Urens 12X: Provides relief from symptoms of itching and burning, ensuring comfort during intimate moments.
- Thuja Occ 10X: A holistic remedy known for its ability to address various skin conditions, ensuring optimal intimate health.
- Echinaecea Angust 8X: Boosts the body's natural defenses, promoting overall health and vitality.

šŸŒæ Rediscover Intimacy, Naturally: D69 Spanish Fly Drops are a blend of time-tested homeopathic ingredients, offering a natural solution to reignite passion and intimacy in your life. Dive into moments of closeness with renewed vigor and desire.

Spanish Fly: An Ancient Aphrodisiac with a Controversial History

Spanish Fly, scientifically known as *Cantharis vesicatoria*, is a type of blister beetle that has been historically used as an aphrodisiac. The active ingredient responsible for its effects is cantharidin, a substance that the beetle releases as a defense mechanism. Here's an elaboration on its use, effects, and concerns:

  1. Historical Use: Spanish Fly has been used for centuries in various cultures as an aphrodisiac. It was believed to stimulate the urinary tract and genitals when ingested, leading to increased sexual desire.
  1. How It Works: Cantharidin, when ingested, irritates the urogenital tract, causing a sensation that can be mistaken for sexual arousal. This irritation can lead to increased blood flow to the genital areas, which some people interpret as enhanced sexual desire.
  1. Risks & Side Effects: The use of Spanish Fly is not without risks. Cantharidin is a toxic substance. Ingesting even small amounts can cause serious side effects, including:
Ā Ā  - Burning sensations in the mouth and throat
Ā Ā  - Stomach pain and digestive disturbances
Ā Ā  - Kidney damage
Ā Ā  - Hematuria (blood in urine)
Ā Ā  - Potential blistering of the skin and mucous membranes
Ā Ā  - In severe cases, it can lead to multi-organ failure and death.

Ā  In homeopathy a fraction of this is used in potentised form making it safe & suitable

  1. Modern Misconceptions: Over the years, various products have been marketed as "Spanish Fly" aphrodisiacs. Many of these don't contain actual cantharidin but are instead a mix of herbs and other ingredients. It's essential to be cautious and skeptical of such products, as their efficacy and safety are often unproven. In Doliosis Spanish flyĀ is indicated to contain Cantharis 8XĀ Ā 0.02%.
  1. Safer Alternatives: Given the risks associated with Herbal Spanish Fly, individuals seeking to enhance sexual desire or performance are advised to explore safer, more proven methods like homeopathy. This could include counseling, medications, or other natural supplementsĀ 

In conclusion, while Spanish Fly has a long history as an aphrodisiac, its use is fraught with risks in other forms except homeopathy.Ā 

Medical Bulletin -Doliosis D69 Spanish Fly Drop

Indicated to act as sex tonic, whichĀ can help to increase the sexual desire and performance of a satisfactory sexual act in both males and females

The potentised homeopathic complex drops acts as a safe aphrodisiac.

Indications of Doliosis D69 Spanish Fly Drops

  • Lack of vitality, Asthenia, spermatorrhoea,
  • General debility especially in men.
  • After-effects of debilitating illnesses, overwork on physical or other planes.
  • Overexcitement, Nervous exhaustion.
  • Against various kinds of ailments in old-age.
  • Useful in Premature ejaculation, Erection Difficulty.
  • Acts as a sex tonic, which can help to increase the sexual desire and performance of a satisfactory sexual act in both men and women.

IngredientsĀ of Doliosis D69 Spanish Fly Drops:

  • Agnus CastusĀ 8X 0.02%,
  • Cantharis 8XĀ Ā 0.02%,
  • Urtica Urens 12X 0.02%,,
  • Thuja Occ 10X 0.02%,,
  • Echinaecea Angust 8X 0.02%,
  • Alcohol 30% v/v

Key Benefits:

  • Agnus castus may boost fertility and reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause along with the conditions of male erectile dysfunction
  • Cantharis may provide relief in the case of cystitis which is inflammation of the urinary bladder because of infection or irritation
  • It may help in penis erection problems
  • Urtica urens is usefulĀ for vaginal dryness and irritation in females, promotes secretion
  • Thuja occidentails helps to fortify the immune system
  • Echinacea angustifolia provides relief in the conditions of vaginal fungal infectionsĀ 


3Ā to 6 drops with Ā¼ cup of water 3 times a day, or as directed by the physician.

Recommendations: Use the complex at least 10 minutes before or 30 minutes after meals

Presentation: 30ml

Other Guidelines: Keep away from children, Store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and from exposure to strong odours

Manufacturer Doliosis Homoeo Pharma Pvt. Ltd
Form Liquid



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