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Allen A82 Homeopathy drops, Premature Greying of Hair

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Size Option: 30ml

Homeopathy Allen A82 drops:

Allen A82 Homeopathy for Premature Greying of Hair is indicated for early greying of hair. Get the goodness of homeopathic ingredients like Arnica Mont, Lycopodium C, Thuja Occ, Silicea, and Zincum Met for effectively treating grey hair with Allens A82

Premature graying of hair refers to the condition where a person starts to develop gray or white hair at an early age, typically before the age of 30. Hair graying is a natural process that occurs with age as the pigment-producing cells in the hair follicles called melanocytes gradually decrease in activity, leading to a loss of color in the hair. However, when this process happens prematurely, it can be a cause for concern.

Several factors can contribute to the premature graying of hair:

  1. Genetics: Family history and genetics play a significant role in determining when a person's hair may start to turn gray. If your parents or close relatives experienced premature graying, there is a higher likelihood that you may also experience it.

  2. Stress: High levels of stress, both emotional and physical, can accelerate the graying process. Stress can affect the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color.

  3. Nutritional deficiencies: Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, folic acid, copper, and iron, can contribute to premature graying. A well-balanced diet is essential for maintaining healthy hair.

  4. Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions like thyroid disorders, vitiligo, alopecia areata, and autoimmune diseases can cause premature graying.

  5. Smoking: Smoking has been linked to premature graying of hair, as it can cause oxidative stress and damage to the hair follicles.

Remember that premature graying of hair is a natural process for some individuals and doesn't necessarily indicate a health problem. However, if you are concerned about your hair graying or experience other symptoms, it's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and guidance.

Note: This is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have concerns about any other health-related issues, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

Allen A82 composition:

Each 5ml. contains:

  • Arnica montana Q 0.50 ml.
  • Lemna minor 3x 0.50 ml.
  • Lycopodium clavatum 3x 0.50 ml.
  • Wiesbaden 3x 0.50 ml.
  • Psorinum 3x 0.50 ml.
  • Mezereum 3x 0.50 ml.
  • Acidum phosphoricum 3x 0.25 ml.
  • Staphysagria 3x 0.25 ml.
  • Thuja occidentalis 3x 0.50 ml.
  • Silicea 3x 0.25 gm.
  • Sarracenia purpurea 3x 0.25 ml.
  • Zincum metallicum 3x 0.25 gm.
  • In Aqua Destillata.

Mode of Action Of homeopathic Ingredients of Allen A82 drops:

  1. Arnica Montana: A well-known remedy for hair fall and premature greying of hair.
  2. Lemna minor: Greying of hair in people suffering from chronic nasal catarrh.
  3. Lycopodium clavatum: Premature greying of hair.
  4. Wiesbaden: By the use of this remedy, the hair will become darker and grow rapidly.
  5. Psorinum: Premature greying of hair with severe hair fall.
  6. Mezereum: Premature greying maybe with matting of hair and hair is dry.
  7. Acidum phosphoricum: Hair thins out, turns grey early, and falls out.
  8. Staphysagria: Premature greying of hair with eczema of the scalp and great itching.
  9. Thuja occidentalis: When hair grows slowly and becomes grey.
  10. Silicea: Premature greying of hair due to imperfect assimilation and consequent defective nutrition.
  11. Sarracenia purpurea: Premature greying of hair.
  12. Zincum metallicum: Greying of hair with anemia and profound prostration. And also in people who are fatigued. Tissues are worn out faster than they are repaired.

    Additional Information:

    Dosage Take 10 - 15 drops in half-cup of water, 4 times a day.
    Symptoms Premature graying
    Manufacturer Allen Homoeo and Herbal Products Ltd Hyderabad
    Form Drops

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