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REPL Dr. Adv. No. 7 drops (ACIDITEE) 15% Off

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The gastric symptoms with the most pronounced acidity are well-authenticated and are the guiding symptoms. Dull, heavy, aching, nausea, heavy, sour reactions, profuse vomiting of intensely sour fluid. Great distention of stomach and bowels.

Dr. Advice No. 7 (Acidity) Homeopathy drops Composition (Ingredients)

  • Abies Nigra 6x
  • Carica Papaya Q
  • Ferrum Iodatum 6x
  • Graphites 6x
  • Nux Vomica Q
  • Robina Pseudacacia 6x
  • Iris Versicolor Q
  • Lycopodium 12x
  • Pulsatilla Q

Mode of Action

  1. Abies Nigra 6x: Stomach feels as if swimming in the water, feel cold.
  2. Carica Papaya Q: Full of wind and distended. There is a loss of appetite. Abdomen distended.
  3. Ferrum Iodatum 6x: Sour and bitter rising for own stomach. Rising up in the throat of greasy, acrid, stinging taste.
  4. Graphites 6x: Pressure in the stomach, worse eating. Sometime after. The region of the stomach is very sensitive to pressure.
  5. Nux Vomica Q: Wait and pain in the stomach, worse eating. Sometime after. The region of the stomach is very sensitive to pressure.
  6. Robina Pseudacacia 6x: Sour stomach, dull, heavy, aching dullness in the stomach.
  7. Iris Versicolor Q: Great burning distress in epigastrium. My mouth & stomach feel on fire.
  8. Lycopodium 12x: Eating ever so little creates fullness. Incomplete burning eructations rise only to the pharynx, there burn rises houres.
  9. Pulsatilla Q: Frequent eructations with the taste of what has been eaten. A sensation of sickness in the epigastric region, especially eating and drinking.
  10. Sulphur 6x: Drinks much, but eat little. The desire for sweets. Heaviness in the stomach feeling of weight.

Dose: 5-10 Drops with 1/4th cup of water 3-4 times daily after meal.

पाकाशय लक्षणों के साथ बढ़ी हुई अम्लता इस औषधि से शीघ्र और प्रमाणिक रूप से रोगी को आराम दिलाती है। धीमी और भारी प्रकृति की पीड़ा, मिचली, खट्टी डकारें, तीब अम्लीय पदार्थों का प्रचुर नमन, आमाशय एवं आंतो का अत्यधिक फुलाव, गैस के साथ उदरशूल इत्यादि लक्षणों में इस औषधि द्वारा शीघ्र लाभ मिलता है।

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