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Comprehensive Guide to Teething in Babies & Homeopathic Solutions

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Navigate Your Baby's Teething Journey with Ease and Care

When Does Teething Start? 

Teething, the emergence of primary teeth, typically begins around 6 months but can vary between 3-12 months. The lower front teeth usually appear first, followed by the upper front ones within 1-2 months, with the process generally completing by the child’s third birthday.

Teething Symptoms and Care: 

Teething babies often exhibit behaviors like putting hands or objects in their mouth, increased biting and chewing, excessive drooling, crankiness, disrupted sleep, and a reluctance to eat or drink milk. They might experience diarrhea, low-grade fever due to gum inflammation, and rashes around the mouth.

Do’s for Teething Care:

- Offer cold objects like teethers or a clean, chilled cloth for the baby to suck or chew.
- Regularly wipe the baby’s face with a soft cloth to remove saliva and prevent rashes.

Don’ts for Teething Care:

- Avoid leaving small objects within the baby's reach.
- Do not give the baby any unclean objects.

Homeopathic Remedies for Teething Relief and Comfort

Aconitum Napellus: Alleviating Fever and Anxiety in Teething Babies

Aconitum Napellus 30: For fever with chills, excessive thirst, anxiety, restlessness in teething babies.During teething, babies often experience increased discomfort and pain due to the pressure of emerging teeth on their gums, which can lead to symptoms like fever with chills, excessive thirst, anxiety, and restlessness. The body's natural response to this discomfort can trigger a mild fever, while the overall irritation and gum inflammation can cause restlessness and anxiety. The discomfort and potential dehydration from fever might also result in excessive thirst in these young children

Chamomilla: Soothing Teething Discomfort and Irritability in Infants

Chamomilla 30: An excellent remedy for irritable and fussy babies during teething, marked by one red and one pale cheek, profuse head sweat, and greenish diarrhea.During teething, babies often become irritable and fussy due to the discomfort and pain from emerging teeth. This stress can cause uneven blood circulation, leading to one red and one pale cheek. Teething can also stimulate the body's stress response, resulting in profuse head sweating. Additionally, the increased saliva production and ingestion, combined with the digestive system's immature response to stress, can lead to greenish diarrhea in these infants.

Calcarea Carbonica: Promoting Healthy Dentition in Babies with Delayed Teeth Growth

Calcarea Carb. 30: For delayed dentition in chubby babies, with a tendency to sweat profusely on the head and unusual cravings. Delayed dentition in chubby babies can be linked to their unique physiological development, where their body's focus on gaining weight may slightly delay tooth emergence. These babies often have a higher metabolic rate, leading to profuse sweating, especially on the head, as their bodies try to regulate temperature. Unusual cravings might arise from nutritional imbalances or deficiencies often seen in rapid growth phases, driving their bodies to seek specific nutrients or minerals.

Aethusa Cynapium : Effective Relief for Digestive Issues in Teething Infants

Aethusa Cynapium 30: Aids in treating indigestion, vomiting of curdled milk or greenish substance, followed by exhaustion and sleepiness.ndigestion and vomiting of curdled milk or a greenish substance in infants, followed by exhaustion and sleepiness, can be attributed to their immature digestive systems. These symptoms often occur when the stomach struggles to properly break down and digest milk, leading to curdling. The effort expended during bouts of vomiting can cause dehydration and nutrient loss, resulting in the baby feeling extremely tired and sleepy as the body tries to recover from the physical stress.

Rheum  Effective Relief for Sour-Smelling Diarrhea & Abdominal Pain in Children

Rheum 30: Addresses sour-smelling diarrhea and abdominal pain with tenesmus. Sour-smelling diarrhea accompanied by abdominal pain and tenesmus in children is often a sign of gastrointestinal irritation or infection. The sour odor indicates fermentation in the gut, typically due to improper digestion of carbohydrates, while abdominal pain and tenesmus (a painful, continuous, ineffectual urge to defecate) point to inflammation or irritation in the intestines. These symptoms can be the body's response to dietary intolerances, infections, or imbalances in the gut flora.

Magnesia Carbonicum : Soothing Digestive Discomfort from Milk Intolerance in Infants

Magnesia Carbonicum 30: Helps children who struggle to digest milk, leading to stomach pain and sour-smelling stool. Children who struggle to digest milk often experience stomach pain and sour-smelling stool due to lactose intolerance or a deficiency in lactase, the enzyme needed to break down lactose in milk. This undigested lactose ferments in the intestines, leading to gas, bloating, and a characteristic sour odor in stools. The fermentation process and resulting discomfort can cause significant stomach pain and digestive upset in these children.

Essential Homeopathy Teething Relief Kit: A Must-Have for Nighttime & Travel Comfort:  Keeping the homeopathy teething relief kit at home is invaluable for night emergencies or during travel, offering a handy and quick solution to soothe a teething baby's discomfort. These remedies provide instant relief from pain and restlessness, ensuring peaceful nights and more comfortable journeys for both baby and parents. These remedies offer safe, gentle, and effective relief from pain, irritation, and digestive troubles associated with teething, ensuring comfort for both the baby and parents

Source: blog article in ks-gopi dot blog spot dot com

Kit content: Consists of 6 medicines detailed above, available in 2 dram pill or 30ml drops (sealed units)

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