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Haslab Cleronose nasal spray for nose blockage

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🌟 Breathe Easy with Haslab Cleronose Nasal Spray 🌟

Introducing Haslab Cleronose Nasal Spray - your natural solution for nasal care. Dive into the world of holistic wellness and experience the magic of our carefully selected ingredients.

🍃 Key Ingredients & Their Benefits:

🔹 Calendula Officinalis: Renowned for its soothing properties, Calendula helps in reducing nasal inflammation and promoting healing.

🔹 Thuja Occidentalis: Traditionally used to combat nasal polyps and congestion, Thuja offers a clear path for easier breathing.

🔹 Kali Bichromium: A trusted remedy for sinusitis and sticky nasal discharge, ensuring your nasal passages remain clear and comfortable.

🔹 Teucrium Marum Verum: Known to address nasal blockage and polyps, Teucrium ensures you breathe without hindrance.

🔹 Sanguinaria Nitrate: Aids in reducing nasal congestion and dryness, providing a moisturizing touch to your nasal passages.

💧 With Haslab Cleronose Nasal Spray, embrace the power of nature and breathe freely, feeling refreshed and revitalized. It's not just a spray; it's a breath of fresh air!

🌱 Haslab Cleronose Nasal Spray: Nature's touch for your nasal comfort.

Medical Bulletin - Haslab Cleronose nasal spray 

Haslab cleronose nasal spray clears blockage of the nose, itching dryness of the nose, loss of smell (anosmia). useful in allergic rhinitis & sinusitis. For cold & catarrhal congestion, sneezing, restlessness, and sleeplessness.

Haslab Cleronose Key Ingredients:

  • Calendula Officinalis
  • Thuja Occidentalis
  • Kali Bichromium
  • Teucrium Marum Verum
  • Sanguinaria Nitrate

Directions for Use:

  • Step 1: Shake the bottle gently and then remove the protective cap
  • Step 2: If using nasal spray the first time or if you have not used it for a week or more, point the nozzle away from you & ‘test-fire’ the spray.
  • Step 3: Close one nostril. Tilt your head slightly & insert the nozzle of the bottle into the other nostrils. Spray once into each nostril keeping your hand upright.


  • Adult: 1-2 sprays every 4 hours
  • Children: 1 spray every 6 hours. Or as prescribed by the Physician.

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of the children
  • Use under medical supervision

Composition : Calendula Officinalis, Thuja Occidentalis, Kali Bichromium, Teucrium Marum Verum, Sanguinaria Nitrate.

Indications: Blockage of nose, Itching dryness of nose, Loss of smell, Allergic Rhinitis & Sinusitis, For Cold & Catarrhal congestion, Sneezing, Restlessness and Sleeplessness

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