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Doliosis D13 Teething & Colic Drops for Infants

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Size: 30ml

Ease Your Baby’s Teething Journey! Doliosis D13 Teething & Colic Drops offer natural, gentle relief from pain and fussiness, helping your little one smile through their teething phase

Relieve Teething Discomfort with Doliosis D13 Drops

Doliosis D13 Teething Colic drops provide relief from the discomforts of teething in infants, which can include symptoms such as colic, diarrhea, irritability, gum swelling, excessive drooling, refusal to feed, and delayed dentition. This remedy is specifically formulated to address the complex symptoms associated with difficult dentition, including loose stools, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Indications of Doliosis Homoeo D13 Teething Colic Drops

  • Shooting pains and swelling of the cheek
  • Bleeding gums and toothache post meals, and colic during teething
  • Toothaches, pain, and sensitivity
  • Challenges with dentition, accompanied by diarrhea and colic

These drops help alleviate teething pain, mild fever, and intestinal discomfort associated with colic in infants.

Doliosis Homoeo D13 Teething Colic Drops Ingredients:

  • Belladonna 8x 0.02%: Known for its quick action on the nervous system, Belladonna helps reduce localized inflammation and fever, often seen with teething.
  • Chamomilla 8x 0.02%: Ideal for irritable babies, Chamomilla soothes pain and reduces irritability and sleeplessness associated with teething.
  • Calcarea Phosphorica 10x 0.02%: Supports healthy dentition and soothes pain while aiding in the development and growth of teeth.
  • Kresotum 12x 0.02%: Particularly useful in treating painful dentition, Kresotum helps relieve toothache and excessive drooling.
  • Silicea 10x 0.02%: Helps in fortifying connective tissue and assimilating nutrients, which is beneficial for gum health and tooth stability.
  • Extra Neutral Alcohol 30 %V/V: Acts as a preservative and base for the herbal constituents, ensuring their stability and efficacy.
Key Benefits of Doliosis Homoeo D13 Teething Colic Drops:
  • Alleviates pain and discomfort associated with teething and colic, offering relief especially for infants.
  • Helps reduce symptoms of mild fever, a common occurrence during teething episodes.
  • Addresses intestinal discomfort and colic, providing holistic relief to teething infants.
Directions For Use:

Administer 1 to 2 drops of Doliosis D13 Teething Colic half an hour before meals, three times a day, or follow the physician’s prescription.

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