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Doliosis D18 Scolex for Spondylitis,

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Size: 30ml

Homeopathy complex Doliosis D18 Scolex for relief from spondilitis

Doliosis D18 Scolex drops helps to relieve the pain of spondylitis. It is used to relieve symptoms such as pain and discomfort associated with spondylitis. It is indicated in complaints of swelling of the joints with stiffness in various joints like the neck, back, shoulder, knee. It is useful in stiffness and lameness, across the neck and shoulder with numbness of arms, hands, and fingers Spondylitis - particularly Cervical Spondylitis, pain, numbness, stiffness & stretching sensation in the nape of the neck & back radiating to arms, fingers & lions.

Uses of Doliosis Homoeo D18 -Scolex

  • It relieves the cracking in joints; worse, the warmth of the bed, small joints, Swollen, hot, pale.
  • Cramps in the limbs, cramps in the calves and soles, contractions of the fingers and toes are recovered.
  • Relieves the painful swelling in cervical nerves, jerking, and twitching of muscles acts on periosteum and cartilages. 
  • Stiffness, numbness, aching, soreness of muscles is relieved.

Homeopathic Ingredients & benefits of Doliosis D18 Scolex Contains:

  • Kalmia Lat 30x,
  • Lachnanthes Tinct 30x,
  • Chelidonium Maj 30x,
  • Sanguinaria Can 30x,
  • Natrum Mur 200x,
  • Aconite Nap 8x,
  • Dulcamara 10x,
  • Guaiacum 8x,
  • Gelsemium Semp 12x
  1. Kalmia Lat 30xThis medicine works well in cases where pain from neck goes down the arms. Along with this, there is numbness, or tingling, pricking sensation in hands. In some such cases, upper limbs may feel week.
  2. Lachnanthes Tinct 30x,- Dr.Vikas Sharma says it is an ideal prescription when neck gets drawn to one side from severe pain and stiffness. There is inability to move neck to the other side. This medicine helps to relax neck muscles and improve stiffness and pain in neck. In some cases needing it, pain extends to the head.
  3. Sanguinaria Can 30xThis medicine proves effective when pain in the neck, shoulders and arms get worse at night time. The neck is also sore to touch. Neck is stiff as well. Neck pain is worse from movement besides night time. Raising the arm is also very painful. Neck and shoulder pain is better by lying still. In cases requiring this medicine, pain from the neck may also radiate to the head.
  4. Guaiacum 8xa natural medicine highly beneficial when pain spreads over the entire neck, back of head and shoulders. The neck is stiff, shoulder feels sore (sensitive to touch). In some cases, stiffness from the neck may extend down the entire back on one side. It gets worse on
  5. Gelsemium Semp 12xGelsemium works well in cases of neck pain radiating to the shoulders. The cervical vertebrae are sensitive to touch. In cases needing it, the pain may also radiate to the head from neck. There is weakness and stiffness in the neck muscles. There is relief by bending head forward. Dizziness may be felt in cases requiring this medicine.

Doliosis D18 Scolex Indications:

Helps to relieve symptoms such as pain and discomfort associated with spondilitis.

Dosage and rules while taking Doliosis Homoeo D18 -Scolex: 1 to 2 D Drops half hour before eating, Three times a day, or as directed by physicians

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