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Bach Flower Remedy Mix for Pregnancy - Oak, Olive, Red Chestnut Blend

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Size: 90ml

Embrace a Balanced and Energized Pregnancy with Bach Flower Mix

This meticulously crafted Bach Flower Remedy Mix combines Oak, Olive, and Red Chestnut, each selected for their unique emotional and energetic properties, especially beneficial during pregnancy. This harmonious blend is designed to foster emotional balance, enhance calmness and relaxation, and imbue the spirit with energy and optimism. It's particularly helpful for expectant mothers navigating the complex emotional landscape of pregnancy.

Emotional and Energetic Benefits:

  1. Oak: Known for its properties of strength and endurance, Oak is ideal for those who feel overwhelmed or burdened, especially under the demands of pregnancy. It helps in instilling perseverance and resilience, enabling expectant mothers to manage their responsibilities with grace and fortitude.
  1. Olive: This remedy is a boon for those experiencing physical and mental fatigue, a common aspect of pregnancy. Olive helps in restoring energy and vitality, ensuring that the mother-to-be feels rejuvenated and capable of facing the day with renewed vigor.
  1. Red Chestnut: Focused on alleviating anxiety and worry, particularly about the well-being of loved ones, Red Chestnut is essential for expectant mothers who may be overly concerned for their unborn child's health. It aids in cultivating trust and peace of mind, reducing undue stress and anxiety

Find Calm, Energy, and Trust during Pregnancy with Oak, Olive, Red Chestnut

- Emotional Equilibrium: Helps maintain a balanced emotional state, which is crucial for the well-being of both mother and baby.

- Relaxation and Calmness: Assists in reducing stress and anxiety, allowing for a more serene and peaceful pregnancy experience.

- Energizing: Offers a natural energy boost, countering the fatigue often experienced during pregnancy.

- Optimism and Positive Mood: Encourages a positive outlook, essential for a healthy and happy pregnancy journey.

- Trust and Reduced Worry: Alleviates excessive worry about the health and safety of the unborn child, promoting a sense of trust and security.

- Allergen-Free: Ensures safety for the mother and baby, being free from gluten and common allergens.

How to Prepare the Mix:

Combine equal parts of Oak, Olive, and Red Chestnut (10ml each) in an empty bottle. This blend is designed for ease of use and can be tailored to individual needs.

Dosage and Administration:  

- Directly administer 5-6 drops of the mix on the tongue.

- Alternatively, dissolve 5-6 drops in half a cup of water and consume 3-4 times daily.

- For a consistent dosage throughout the day, add 24 drops to a bottle of water and drink it gradually.

This Bach Flower Remedy Mix is not just a supplement; it's a companion through the journey of pregnancy, offering emotional support and nurturing the maternal spirit. Its natural, gentle formulation makes it a preferred choice for expectant mothers seeking holistic well-being.


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