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Bach Flower Remedies for Hypertension: Natural Support for Emotional Balance & Blood Pressure Management

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Size: 90ml

Bach Flower Remedy Mix White Chestnut, Rock Water, Cerato for High Blood Pressure

Bach Flower Remedies are used in alternative medicine, believed to help balance emotional states, which can indirectly affect physical well-being. While these remedies are not directly aimed at treating physical conditions like hypertension, they may contribute to overall stress reduction and emotional balance, which can be beneficial in managing hypertension. Here's how White Chestnut, Rock Water, and Cerato might play a role:

This bach fower mix helps to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve irritability
  • Keep tensions to a minimum
  • Overcome fears
  • Less Panicky
  • Have a more peaceful life

Contents: 3 units of 30ml sealed units of  White Chestnut, Rock Water, Cerato. Made from original Bach extracts from UK. Available in a tamperproof hologram seal

 White Chestnut: Soothe Your Mind, Ease Your Blood Pressure

  1. White Chestnut: This remedy is typically used for calming repetitive and unwanted thoughts. In the context of hypertension, stress and anxiety are known contributors to elevated blood pressure. By helping to ease a restless mind and reduce worry, White Chestnut may indirectly aid in lowering stress levels, which can be beneficial for blood pressure control.

Rock Water: Embrace Flexibility for a Calmer Heart

  1. Rock Water: Rock Water is often recommended for individuals who are very hard on themselves and adhere rigidly to strict self-imposed standards or routines. Such rigidity can contribute to stress and tension. By promoting flexibility and self-compassion, Rock Water may help in reducing the internal pressure and stress that can aggravate hypertension.

Cerato: Boost Confidence, Reduce Hypertension Stress

  1. Cerato: This remedy is intended for those who doubt their own judgment and constantly seek advice from others, leading to internal conflict and stress. By boosting confidence in one's own intuition and decision-making, Cerato can contribute to a reduction in anxiety and stress, potentially assisting in managing hypertension.

Key benefits of this mix

  • A unique blend of Bach flowers
  • Gluten and allergen-free

How to prepare the Mix

Mix equal quantity of each remedy (White Chestnut 10ml, Rock Water 10ml, Cerato 10ml)


Take 5-6 drops of the mix directly on the tongue or dissolve 5-6 drops of the mix in half cup of water, take 3-4 times a day.

Hint: Trickle your daily dose (24 drops) in a bottle of water and drink it throughout the day.

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