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German Solidago Virgaurea Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q

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About German Solidago Virgaurea Mother Tincture Q

Also known as Golden-rod, (SOLIDAGO VIRGA)

Clinical Causes & Symptoms Indications for Solidago Virgaurea

  • The medicine is useful in complaints of prostatic and urinary affections.
  • Solidago Virgaurea is indicated in complaints that are aggravated after inhalation of pollen or exposure to it.
  • Pain and tenderness in kidney region, pains extending from kidneys to abdomen, bladder, and down limbs is relieved with help of Solidago Virgaurea.
  • Complaints of backache associated with difficult urination and pain while passing urine.

Solidago Virgaurea mother tincture is used in case of inhalation of the pollen which causes hemorrhage from the lungs in phthisis. Repeated colds and tuberculosis. The feeling of weakness, chilliness alternating with heat; nasopharyngeal catarrh, burning in the throat, pain in limbs, and thoracic oppression. Pain in the region of the kidneys with dysuria. Kidneys are sensitive to pressure. In the case of Bright's disease. Phytotherapist use it for allergic rhinitis and urinary infections. A recent study has proved it effective against Candida albicans, suggesting its use as a mouth wash. 

It helps to reduce cough and cold. Feel weakness all over the body. Chilliness alternating with heat. Naso-pharyngeal inflammation with burning in the throat region. Pain in limbs and thorax. Pain in the region of kidneys, with decreased output of urine. Kidneys are sensitive to pressure. Chronic inflammation of nephrons.

What Doctors recommend Solidago Virgaurea for?

Dr. Vikas Sharma says this homeopathic medicine is particularly useful when there is pain in the kidneys upon pressure, a symptom that can extend to the abdomen and bladder. Accompanying this discomfort is often difficult, scanty urination. The urine may present with thick sediment and a sour smell, indicating a distressed urinary system.

Dr.Gopi says it is excellent remedy in homeopathy for issues related to scanty urine or incomplete passage of urine, often seen in conditions like prostatitis or enlargement of the prostate. It has been observed that Solidago can sometimes even replace the need for a catheter in patients who experience incomplete passage of urine with retention. However, the most characteristic symptom indicating its use is the excretion of clear yet offensive urine whenever it is passed. Pain during urination is also a key symptom for the application of Solidago

In cases of chronic nephritis, where the kidneys are sore and tender to the slightest touch, Solidago Q has been found beneficial. The pain originating in the kidneys may radiate forwards to the abdomen, bladder, and down the thighs. The urine in such conditions is often red-brown, scanty, thick, and voided with difficulty. It may contain albumin, mucus, and phosphates, indicating severe distress in the kidney function.

Solidago Virgaurea as per Boericke Materia Medica

Inhalation of the pollen has caused hćmorrhage from the lungs in phthisis. Repeated colds of tuberculosis (2x) feeling of weakness, chilliness alternating with heat; nasopharyngeal catarrh, burning in the throat, pains in limbs, and thoracic oppression. Pain in the region of the kidneys, with dysuria. Kidneys are sensitive to pressure. Bright's disease. Hay fever when Solidago is the exciting cause. Here give 30th potency or higher.

Eyes.--Injected, watery, burning, stinging.

Nose.--Nares irritated with abundant mucus secretion; paroxysms of sneezing.

Stomach.--Bitter taste, especially at night; coated tongue with very scanty brown and sour urine.

Respiratory.--Bronchitis, cough with much purulent expectoration, blood-streaked; oppressed breathing. Continuous dyspnśa. Asthma, with nightly dysuria.

Female.--Uterine enlargement, organ pressed down upon the bladder. Fibroid tumors.

Urine.--Scanty, reddish brown, thick sediment, dysuria, gravel. Difficult and scanty. Albumen, blood, and slime in urine. Pain in the kidneys extends forward to the abdomen and bladder (Berb). Clear and offensive urine. Sometimes makes the use of the catheter unnecessary.

Back.--Backache of congested kidneys (Senec aur).

Skin.--Blotches, especially on lower extremities; itch. Exanthema of lower extremities, with urinary disturbances, dropsy, and threatened gangrene.

Relationship.--Iodoform 2x antidotes poison of Golden-rod. Arsenic. Agrimonia (Pain in the region of kidneys).

Dose.--Tincture, to the third potency. Oil of Solidago, 1 oz to 8 oz. Alcohol. 15 drops doses to promote expectoration in bronchitis and bronchial asthma in old people (Eli G. Jones).

Dosage: Please note that the dosage of single homeopathic medicine varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age sensitivity, and other things, In some cases, they are given in regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a long period. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician’s advice.

About German Homeopathy remedies: These medicines are made and bottled in Germany. They are shipped to India and sold through authorized distributors. German brands available in India currently are Dr. Reckeweg, Schwabe Germany (WSG), and Adel (Pekana).

Solidago Virgaurea Mother Tincture Q is available in the following German brands and Sizes

  • Reckeweg (20ml) 
  • Adel (20ml) 
  • Schwabe (WSG) (20ml)

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