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Equisetum Hyemale Homeopathy Mother Tincture

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About Equisetum Hyemale Homeopathic Mother Tincture Q

Common Names: Scouring-rush, Equisetum hyemale, Equisetum Hiemale, Equisetum hymenale

Causes & Symptoms for Equisetum Hyemale

Equisetum Hyemale is a homeopathic remedy recognized for its efficacy in treating urinary and kidney disorders. It is particularly noted for addressing conditions such as enuresis (bedwetting), urinary retention, painful urination (dysuria), and symptoms associated with urinary gravel and swelling.

Key Benefits & Uses

  • Urinary Issues: Offers relief in cases of enuresis in children and adults, including bedwetting associated with nightmares. It is also beneficial for those experiencing frequent, yet ineffective urges to urinate, creating a constant sensation of bladder fullness.
  • Kidney Support: Eases pain in the right kidney and bladder area, extending to the lower abdomen. It helps alleviate conditions like renal calculi (kidney stones) and dropsy (edema).
  • Pain Relief: Useful for abdominal pain linked to intestinal disorders, sore testicles, and burning sensations during urination.
  • Respiratory and Fever Symptoms: Assists in managing fever accompanied by nasal congestion and other respiratory system issues.

Expert Opinions

  • Dr. Vikas Sharma recommends it as one of the most effective medicines for urinary incontinence and bed-wetting in children, particularly those who suffer from nightmares.
  • Dr. Gopi suggests its use when urination is painful and habitual, as in cases where children wet their beds or pants without a clear medical reason.

Therapeutic Range of Actions

As per Boericke's Materia Medica, Equisetum Hyemale primarily affects the bladder, providing relief from severe, dull pain and a feeling of fullness that is not alleviated by urination.


  • Worse from movement, pressure, touch, and sitting down.
  • Improvement is noted in the afternoon and from lying down.

Comparative Remedies:

  • Related to Hydrangea, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Apis Mellifica, Cantharis, Linaria, and Chimaphila. Equisetum contains silica, enhancing its therapeutic properties.


  • Available in tincture to sixth potency. A decoction or the tincture diluted in hot water is recommended to soothe the urinary tract, treat calculus, dysuria, pleuritic effusion, and dropsy.

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