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Wheezal WL 42 Homeopathic Worms Drops

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Size Option: 30ml

WL42 Drops, Worms Medicine in Homeopathy

Wheezal WL 42 Worm Drops is a homeopathic remedy for worms infestations that is common among children. Worms may be many shapes and sizes from microscopic pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, etc. Supports Natural Balance of Intestinal Flora

In our daily practice worms are a common symptom due to unhygienic habits. Pinworms, roundworms are commonly seen and followed by hookworms.

WL42 vermifuge medicine is a patent formulation of Dr. Farokh J. Master an outstanding international teacher cum practitioner of more than 34 years of repute (know more below)

Know what homeopathy doctors advise for parasitic infestation (deworming treatment) here

Collection: Homeopathy Stomach Worms Medicines

Benefits of WL42 drops (Range of action)
Improves digestion, expels the worms. Helps to gain weight and remove the annoying symptom of scratching of the anus, grinding of teeth, excessive craving for sweets.

Composition of WL42 drops:  Artemisia Vulgaris 1x, Cina Maritama 2x, Filix Mas 2x, Graphites 3x, Chelone.Glabara 2x, Chenopodium Anthelminticum 3x, Teucrium Marum Verum 3x

Action of Individual Ingredients in WL42 drops

  • Artemisia:  Convulsive diseases of childhood and girls due to worms.
  • Cina Mar: Gets hungry soon after a meal. Itching of anus, an irritability of temper, variable appetite, grinding of teeth.
  • Chelone: Debility from loss of tone of digestive organs, or liver or from worms.
  • Chenopodium: Oil of Chenopodium for hookworm and roundworm.
  • Filix Mas: A remedy for worm symptoms, especially with constipation. Tapeworm. Worm colic
  • Graphites: Fullness and hardness in abdomen, Burning in stomach, causing hunger, Stomach pain relieved by eating.
  • Teucrium : Copious fetid evacuations of the consistence of pap, expulsion of ascarides. Dr KS Gopi says Teucrium is one of the best remedies for itching in anus due to worms, especially pin worms. Itching of anus and constant irritation in the evening in bed. There is a feeling of crawling in rectum after stool. Ascarides with nightly restlessness. Swelling, itching, and creeping at anus as from ascarides. There is frequent itching and tingling in anus, often after the evacuation.

Dosage: 10 to 15 drops in 2 spoon of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the Physician.

Presentation:- 30 ml.

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About Dr. Farokh J. Master is an outstanding international teacher cum practitioner of more than 34 years of repute. His academic career is par excellent being a gold medalist at undergraduate as well as at post graduate level. He is the first MD : Doctor in homoeopathy. Dr. Master today teaches homoeopathy in more than 32 countries.

His excellence in clinical skills made him open homoeopathic department in Bombay Hospital, KEM Hospital, Jerbai Wadia Children's Hospital, Kamal Nayan Bajaj Cancer Center. Ruby Parsi General Hospital, Associates Cement Company, Tata Sons, Bhaba Atomic research center, Nuclear Corp. Centre of India & Indian Navy.

Dr. Master had authored more than 50 books, most of which translated in German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Czech languages. With his outstanding contribution in homeopathy Wheezal decided to appoint Dr. Master as consultant to help  formulate group of homeopathic medicines, which he had found most effective in his clinical practices.

Wheezal Lab. thoroughly did extensive research and formulated 45 drops (WL1- WL60) by carefully selecting the compositions, each single remedy used in the compositions has been personally verified by Dr. Farokh J. Master from his vast experience of 34 years. They have specially selected common day to day disorders like. allergies, cough and cold, menstrual disorders, the most difficult ones like epilepsy kidney failure, and arteriosclerosis.

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