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Tabacum Homeopathy Mother Tincture

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About Tabacum Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q

Common Name: Tobacco

Body part affinity: Vagus, sympathetic, cerebrospinal nerves, heart, muscular system, sphincters.

Important remedy for: Seasickness and travel sickness, Bee stings, Mosquito bites ,  Morning sickness, nausea

Usual causes: Sunstroke, Travelling by boat, car, carriage, etc., Insect stings, Pregnancy

Tabacum Mother Tincture is a versatile remedy for many types of ailments. It helps in getting rid of constipation and abdominals pain and many types of urinary paralysis. Confusion, forgetfulness and many types of mental ailments are also treated with it. The drug is effective in the treatment of many types of head, throat, nose and respiratory problems.

Symptoms: A remedy for travel sickness, seasickness with cold sweat, better from fresh air. Sick headache starting early morning, intolerable by noon, severe nausea, paleness, coldness with cold sweat, violent vomiting, sinking feeling in pit of stomach, symptoms increased by noise and light. Periodical headache lasting one or two days, vomiting with cold sweat. Dim-sighted, seeing as if through a veil. Squinting. Blind spot from atrophy of retina or optic nerve. Hands are icy cold, body is warm. Lower legs are icy cold.

Treatment: Give 200C or 30C and await response, which should be quite rapid in case of seasickness says Dr. Kjetill Oftedal, a classical homeopath in his book ‘Family Homeopathy & Survival Guide’

Patient Profile of Tabacum 

Mind: Morose. Forgetful always. Slow perception. Confusion. Mental fag. Idiotic person. Silly talk. Feels as if someone was coming to arrest him or murder him. Very despondent person. Indifferent between two persons.

Head: Headache worse on opening eyes. Excessive vertigo with copious sweat. Sudden pain as if struck by a hammer worse while passing urine. Tight feeling as from a band. Periodical sick headaches.

Nose: Secretion increased in nose.

Throat: Violent constriction of throat with angina pectoris.

Abdomen: Habitual constipation. Pressure in liver region as from a heavy body. Sinking feeling in upper abdomen with dreadful faint sense. Retraction of navel with abdominal muscles contracted.

Urinary: Paralysis of sphincters with urine dribbles. Renal colic with cold sweat.

Male: Impotency. Hyperaesthesia and neuralgia of penis.

Respiratory: Violent constriction of chest. Cough dry, teasing, must take a swallow of cold water followed by hiccough, or with hiccough.

Neck and Back: Stiffness of neck. Head drawn back in convulsions. Emaciation of the muscles of back. Pain in the small of back worse lying and better while walking. Heat down spine.

Extremities: Cramps in single fingers worse due to washing. Legs and hands icy cold.

Sleep: Sleeplessness with dilated heart. Stupefying sleep at night.

Fever: Heat down spine of one cheek internally. Sudden cold sweats with chill. Icy cold skin.

Skin: Itching all over the body due to flea bites.


  • This medicine is indicated to manage vertigo, head heaviness and nausea
  • Tabacum are the top homeopathic remedies used to treat motion sickness.
  • For kidney stones with pain attended with nausea/vomiting, Ocimum Can and Tabacum benefit most


  • Tabacum is  also used for palpitations  from tobacco abuse.

Dosage: Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicine varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age sensitivity and other things, In some cases they are give as regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a long period. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician’s advice.

Tabacum as per Homeopathy Materia Medica

The symptomatology of Tabacum is exceedingly well marked. The nausea, giddiness, death-like pallor, vomiting, icy coldness, and sweat, with the intermittent pulse, are all most characteristic. Has marked antiseptic qualities, antidotal to cholera germs. Complete prostration of the entire muscular system. Collapse. Gastralgia, enteralgia, seasickness, cholera infantum; cold, but wants abdomen uncovered. Vigorous peristaltic activity diarrhœa. Produces high tension and arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries. Should prove the most homeopathic drug for angina pectoris, with coronaritis and high tension (Cartier). Constriction of throat, chest, bladder, rectum. Pallor, breathlessness, hard-cordlike pulse.

Mind-Sensation of excessive wretchedness. Very despondent. Forgetful. Discontented.

Head-Vertigo on opening eyes; sick headache, with deathly nausea; periodical. Tight feeling as from a band. Sudden pain, as if struck by a hammer. Nervous deafness. Secretion from eyes, nose and mouth increased.

Eyes-Dim sight; sees as through a veil; strabismus. Amaurosis; muscæ volitantes. Central scotoma. Rapid blindness without lesion, followed by venous hyperæmia and atrophy of optic nerve.

Face-Pale, blue, pinched, sunken, collapsed, covered with cold sweat (Ars; Verat). Freckles.

 Tabacum  Homeopathy Mother Tincture is available in SBL, Schwabe, Others (Homeomart, Hahnemann, Similia, Medisynth). When you choose 'Others' one of the 3 brands medicine will be sent subject to availability of these brands. All sealed units.

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