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Hypericum Perforatum Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM

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About Hypericum Perforatum Homeopathic Dilution

Hypericum Perforatum, commonly known as St. John's wort or by various other names, is recognized for its effectiveness in treating nerve injuries, especially in fingers, toes, and nails. It's beneficial post-surgery, for conditions like hemorrhoids and nerve damage from animal bites. It also helps with emotional and nervous disturbances such as crush injuries, shock, and mild to moderate depression. Excessive pain is a guiding symptom. Additionally, it's indicated for complaints worsened by foggy and damp weather, in closed rooms, and by touch. It's specifically recommended for nerve injuries, post-surgery pain, hemorrhoids, asthma, and animal bites, often accompanied by a constant state of drowsiness.

Hypericum Perforatum Homeopathy Medicine is available in 2 dram medicated globules in various potency here. 

Hypericum addresses inflammation in nerve endings caused by damage, which can lead to sensory variations in oral and olfactory senses. Symptoms include muscle weakness, painful cramps, and uncontrollable twitching. It's beneficial for rehabilitating nerve damage due to conditions like diabetes or injuries. Additionally:

  • Hypericum perforatum is a herbaceous perennial plant native to Europe, Central China, Western Himalayas, and Northern Africa.
  • Belonging to the Hypericaceae family, its name originates from the Greek words "hyper" meaning above and "eikon" meaning picture, as it was believed to ward off evil spirits when placed above pictures or windows.

Hypericum Action

The flowers and leaves of Hypericum contain phytochemicals known as hypericin and hyperforin. These compounds are biologically active and crucial to the plant's effects. Hyperforin, in particular, inhibits the reuptake of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine, and GABA, which is primarily why it's effective as an antidepressant. However, in its pure form, hyperforin acts more significantly as an antidementia agent rather than just as an antidepressant.

Hypericum Uses

Hypericum has been used historically as a herbal remedy for both external and internal issues. The flowers are commonly brewed into a herbal tea or concoction to alleviate various ailments, leveraging its antiviral properties to promote wound healing. It is primarily used for treating wounds, burns, inflammation, and skin disorders. Furthermore, Hypericum is used to relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia, among other conditions, and its extracts are also credited with memory-enhancing properties.


What are the side effects of Hypericum Perforatum?

No known side effects reported.

What precautions to take before using Hypericum Perforatum?

They should not be used with other anti depressant drugs.

Is Hypericum Perforatum suitable for children?


How long should I take Hypericum Perforatum?

Until the symptoms improve or as per the Physicians prescription.

Is it safe to use Hypericum Perforatum during pregnancy?


Hypericum Perforatum as per Materia Medica

Hypericum Perforatum is highly regarded in homeopathy for its effectiveness in treating nerve injuries, particularly those involving fingers, toes, and nails. It is the remedy of choice for crushed fingers, especially the tips, and is known for relieving pain after operations, often surpassing the need for morphine (according to Helmuth). Its uses extend to preventing lockjaw in punctured wounds and alleviating symptoms of coccydynia and hemorrhoids.

For respiratory issues, it can mitigate spasmodic asthmatic attacks that occur with weather changes or before storms, with improvement noted when there is copious expectoration. It also treats injuries from animal bites and conditions like tetanus and neuritis, characterized by tingling, burning, and numbness. A common side effect noted is constant drowsiness.

Mind: Patients may feel as if they are high in the air or fear falling from heights, with possible mistakes in writing and effects of shock. Melancholy is a significant mental symptom.

Head: Symptoms include a sensation of cold touch, throbbing at the vertex (especially in closed spaces), and various forms of neuralgia and neurasthenia. Patients may experience exaggerated sensations, such as feeling their brain is alive or their head elongated.

Stomach: There can be a craving for wine, general nausea, and a sensation of a lump in the stomach.

Rectum: The remedy addresses symptoms of hemorrhoids with pain, bleeding, and tenderness, and a dull pressing pain.

Back: Symptoms include pain in the nape, pressure over the sacrum, and injuries to the coccyx that cause pain radiating through the spine and limbs.

Extremities: Hypericum can treat darting pains in the shoulders, cramps in calves, and various pains in the toes and fingers. It is effective against neuritis and neuralgia resulting from injuries, with associated tingling, burning, and numbness. Joints may feel bruised, and there can be hysterical joint symptoms.

This extensive range of applications makes Hypericum Perforatum a versatile and essential remedy in homeopathic medicine, particularly for conditions associated with nerve damage and emotional disturbances.

Dosage: Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicines varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age, sensitivity and other things. In some cases they are given as regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a longer period. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician's advice.

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