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BBP Shakti Tonic for Men. Impotence, Premature ejaculation

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BP Shakti Tonic for Men: Unleash Your Inner Power & Vitality

šŸŒæ Revitalize Your Essence: BBP Shakti Tonic is your trusted ally against loss of vigor. Rekindle your energy and embrace life with renewed enthusiasm.

šŸŒæ Combat Debility & Fatigue: Say goodbye to mental exhaustion. Dive into each day with clarity, focus, and vigor.

šŸŒæ Soothe the Mind: Address nervousness at its core. With BBP Shakti Tonic, find tranquility and mental peace.

šŸŒæ Potent Ingredients & Their Benefits:

- Damiana Q.: A natural aphrodisiac, it stimulates libido, uplifts mood, and invigorates the spirit.
- Sabal Ser. Q.: Supports prostate health, ensuring optimal sexual function and vitality.
- Agnus Cas Q.: Renowned for addressing lack of sexual desire and symptoms of impotence.
- Onosmodium Q.: Aids in alleviating symptoms of fatigue and weakness.
- Withania Somnifera Q.: Often known as Ashwagandha, it's a powerful adaptogen that combats stress, boosts energy, and improves overall vitality.
- Calc Sulphurica 6: Promotes detoxification, supporting overall health and wellness.


šŸŒæ Embrace Holistic Wellness: BBP Shakti Tonic for Men is a symphony of nature's finest ingredients, harmoniously blended to offer a comprehensive solution to your wellness needs. Step into your power, embrace your potential, and let your spirit soar.

Medical Bulletin -Ā BBPĀ ShaktiĀ StrengthĀ Tonic for Males

Indications:Ā Ā loss of vigor, debility and mental exhaustion, Nervousness. (Safe and effective homeopathic product from Bangalore Bio Plasgens)

One of the key systems which contributes to the stable behaviour of our body is the central nervous system. CNS, as our Central Nervous System is called, consists of brain and spinal cord. A weak central Nervous System can lead to various complications which include Trauma, Infections, Loss of Vigour in Males and Natural degeneration as the body ages. To ensure a strong and Active Nervous System, BBP has come out with a proven tonic for men in the form of Shakthi Tonicum. Shakthi Tonicum is a highly safe and secure Homoeopathic formula. It has an excellent track record working on conditions like loss of vigour and mental exhaustion and restores a sense of Rejuvenation among men. In addition it also helps to strengthen the spinal cord thereby sending strong signals to the brain.

BBP Shakti Tonic Ingredients & Mode of ActionĀ Damiana Q.HPI-0.15ml, Sabal Ser. Q. HPI-0.15ml, Angus Cas Q.HPI-0.05ml, Onosmodium Q.HPI-0.05ml, Withania somnifera Q.HPI-0.20ml, Calc Sulphurica 6x HPI 0.30gm, Alcohol, Excipients Q.S

  1. Damiana -Ā increases sexual arousal and stamina in men and women.Ā ItĀ worksĀ by increasing circulation and sensitivity to female organs. Its pro-sexual effects are due to flavonoid compounds present in the leaves
  2. Sabal Serrulatta - feeling of coldness in theĀ sexualĀ organs
  3. Withania Somnifera -Ā to improve sperm count and fertility in men. Ginsenoside found in ginseng acts on the body the same way as Viagra. The herb has shown significant improvement in achieving and maintaining an erection.Ā 

BBP Shakti Tonic For Men Dosage: Two teaspoonful twice daily after food or as directed by the physician. Shake well before use. The best homeo medicine for weakness

Presentation: 200 ml

Manufacturer: Bangalore Bio-Plasgens (BBP)


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