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Doctor Recommended Homeopathic Diarrhea Remedies

Effective Homeopathic Solutions for Diarrhea from Food Poisoning, Teething, and More

  • Veratrum Album 30: Ideal for severe, painful diarrhea with dehydration signs, leading to collapse.

  • Arsenicum Album 30: Best for diarrhea due to food poisoning, worsening post-consumption with intense thirst.

  • Podophyllum 30: Targets sudden bowel urges, offensive stool preceded by abdominal noises, useful in infants and teething children, alternates with constipation.

  • Aloes 30: Addresses uncertain rectal sensation, with watery stool and abdominal cramping, worsening upon eating and drinking.

  • Argentum Nitricum 30: Suited for emotional stress-induced diarrhea, adverse reactions to sweets.

  • Calcarea Phos 30: Effective for children's diarrhea during teething or after juicy foods, characterized by slimy, hot, and fetid stool.

  • Chamomilla 30: For teething children's diarrhea, marked by irritability and sour, green, watery stools.

  • Chaparro Amargoso 30: Considered specific for unresponsive diarrhea cases.

  • Croton Tig 30: Excellent for sudden, urgent diarrhea with nausea, exacerbated by movement.

  • Cynadon Dact. Q: Targets diarrhea with offensive stool and rectal insecurity.

  • Bryonia Alb 30: Useful for diarrhea after cold drinks in hot weather, with yellow, mushy stools.

  • Elaterium 30: Recommended for infants' diarrhea, characterized by olive green, gushing stools.

  • Gelsemium 30: For nervous individuals' diarrhea triggered by emotional shocks.

  • Magnesia Carb. 30: Effective for nursing children with sour, green, frothy diarrhea preceded by colic.

  • Nitric Acid 30: For antibiotic-induced diarrhea.

  • Nux Vomica 30: Addresses overeating-induced diarrhea, with symptoms in artificially fed infants. Good for Summer Diarrhea caused by dietary indiscretions or the heat

  • Pulsatilla Nigricans 30: Targets variable, food poisoning-related diarrhea, useful post-measles.

  • Rheum Off. 30: Characterized by frequent, sour stools with body sourness.

  • Pyrogenium 200: For exceptionally offensive, brown-black, painless diarrhea.

  • Sulphur 200: Morning diarrhea, necessitating an immediate bathroom rush.

  • Aethusa Cyn. 30: For dentition-related diarrhea with thin, greenish stools.

  • China Off 30: For painless diarrhea with weakness and flatulence, worsens at night and with certain foods.

  • Gambogia 30: For elderly diarrhea with sudden, bilious stool ejection.

  • Gratiola 30: Targets summer diarrhea, green and watery, exacerbated by excessive water intake.

  • Natrum Sulph 30: Early morning diarrhea, involuntary during gas passage.

  • Psorinum 200: For offensively smelling diarrhea, like rotten eggs.

  • Ipecac 30: Mucous diarrhea resembling frothy molasses with naval pain.

  • Dulcamara 30: For hill diarrhea, green, watery, and mucus-containing, worsens in damp, cold weather.

  • Thuja Occ. 200: Morning diarrhea, particularly after breakfast, with abdominal rumbling.

Note: Dosage and usage should always be guided by a qualified homeopathic practitioner, considering the unique symptoms and conditions of each individual

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