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Wheezal WL15 Healthy Throat Drops for Allergic Disorders

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Homeopathy Throat Drops for Holistic Throat Health

Wheezal's WL15 Healthy Throat drops are your go-to solution for maintaining a healthy throat and guarding against infections influenced by environmental factors. Common symptoms like hoarseness, partial or total loss of voice, seasonal infections, and allergic disorders arise from inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the larynx. This upper respiratory tract's vital component requires the utmost care to prevent and treat conditions efficiently.

Innovative Formulation by Dr. Farokh J. Master

Developed under the guidance of the internationally renowned homeopathy practitioner and teacher, Dr. Farokh J. Master, WL15 drops represent a breakthrough in throat care. With over 34 years of clinical excellence, Dr. Master's expertise has led to the creation of a patent formulation that effectively combats throat infections, allergic disorders, and enhances immunity.

WL15's Indications: A Versatile Defender

Whether it's a viral or bacterial sore throat, allergic reactions, or the need for increased resistance against seasonal infections, WL15 stands as a formidable ally. Its carefully selected ingredients are designed to offer comprehensive protection and relief.

Key Ingredients for Targeted Action

  • Phytolacca Berry Q: Renowned for its glandular benefits, Phytolacca Berry addresses glandular swellings with accompanying heat and inflammation. It specifically targets the throat, offering relief from roughness, narrowing, and heat, with a particular efficacy in treating swollen tonsils, notably on the right side, and presenting a dark-red appearance.

  • Echinacea Q: A powerhouse for immune support, Echinacea aids in treating severely affected tonsils, showcasing purple or black hues, with gray exudation reaching the posterior nares and air-passages. It’s invaluable for managing ulcerated sore throats, enhancing the body's natural defense mechanisms.

Optimal Dosage for Effective Relief

For best results, take ten to fifteen drops of Wheezal WL 15 Healthy Throat Drops in two sips of water before every meal, four to six times daily, as recommended by a healthcare professional.

Complementary Treatments for Holistic Care

Enhance your throat health regimen with Wheezal Glandolex tablets for tonsillitis and sore throat, coupled with Wheezal Mixture Syrup for wheezing and cough, for comprehensive respiratory wellness.

Dr. Farokh J. Master: A Pillar in Homeopathy

Dr. Master's global reputation is built on his unparalleled academic and clinical achievements. The first MD in homeopathy and a gold medalist at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, he has been a pioneer in integrating homeopathy with conventional medical practices in prestigious hospitals. His prolific contributions include over 50 books and the development of 45 unique homeopathic drops (WL1- WL60) in collaboration with Wheezal Lab, addressing a wide range of disorders based on his extensive clinical experience.

Why Choose WL15 Healthy Throat Drops?

Wheezal WL15 Healthy Throat drops are more than just a remedy; they are a testament to decades of research, clinical expertise, and dedication to homeopathic principles. Embrace the path to a healthier throat and enhanced immunity with WL15, and experience the difference that genuine care and expertise can make in your life.

Tip: check what doctors advise for sore throat in homeopathy

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