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Wheezal WL 3 Arteriosclerosis Drops, Chest Pain, Numbness

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About Wheezal WL 3 Arteriosclerosis Drops

Homeopathic Wheezal WL 3 Arteriosclerosis Drops that restores blood vessel elasticity, thickening and hardening of the walls of arteriosclerosis with the loss of elasticity and contractibility.


Arteriosclerosis occurs when the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients from your heart to the rest of your body (arteries) become thick and stiff. This is due to build-up of fats, cholesterol and other substances in and on the artery walls. Symptoms:  

  • Chest pain or pressure (angina)
  • Sudden arm or leg weakness or numbness.
  • Slurred speech or difficulty speaking.
  • Brief loss of vision in one eye.
  • Drooping facial muscles.
  • Pain when walking.
  • Pain circumstances: can occur in the leg while exercising
  • Also common: erectile dysfunction (impotence), heart attack, mini-strokes (transient ischaemic attacks), poor wound healing, or stroke

About Wheezal WL drops

Dr. Farokh J. Master is an outstanding international teacher cum practitioner of more than 34 years of repute. At Wheezal Lab. we thoroughly did extensive research and formulated 45 drops (WL1- WL60)  by carefully selecting the compositions, each single remedy used in the compositions has abeen personally verified by Dr. Farokh J. Master from his vast experience of 34 years. We have specially selected common day to day disorders like allergies, cough and cold, menstrual disorders, the most difficult ones like epilepsy. kidney failure. and arteriosclerosis

Indication :  Wheezal WL 3 Arteriosclerosis Drops Restores the vessels elasticity.

Other Indicated Symptoms:  It helps to keep the heart working efficiently by decreasing the thickening and hardening of the arterial walls.

Ingredients of WL 3 Arteriosclerosis Drops

Wheezal Wl 3 Arteriosclerosis Drops contains homeopathic ingredients like Polygonum Avi1x, Baryta Carb.3x.,Vanadium Mat 3x, Plumbum lod.3x, for clearing up the heart and improving its efficiency.

Action of Individual Ingredients

  1. Polygonum Avi 1x:  In material doses of tincture, found useful in intermittent fever, and especially in regulating the blood flow and restoring the elasiticity.
  2. Baryta Carb.3x:  Cardiac symptoms that are associated with High Blood pressure, blood vessels that are contracted. Palpitations (increased heart beats) on exertion are helped to control with it.
  3. Vanadium Mat 3x :  A remedy in degenerative conditions of the liver and arteries, sensation as if heart was compressed, as if blood had no room in the aorta. Anxious pressure on whole chest.
  4. Plumbum lod.3x:   Helps to relieve and regulates the blood flow


10 to 15 drops in a two spoon of water, 3 times a day before meals or as prescribed by the physician.

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