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Health (Arogya) Mantra, Journey towards Healthier Life

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About the Book

In this English book, Health (Arogya) Mantra, author Dr.Sonali Sarnobat MD has donned dual roles, one of a doctor committed to the cause of natural treatment, and that of an author who intends to provide a simple instructional/reference book that presents a non-intimidating guide for readers new to the topics of alternative medicine and treatment. Her efforts have led to this book which clearly depicts the various health issues with reasons, symptoms, treatment as well as preventive aspects, all in a simple manner. Reading Health (Arogya) Mantra is not at all a somber experience, as most medical books tend to be, but a pleasurable one since author has kept the tone and tenor of the book extremely positive. It makes the reader feel that even if he ever begets this disease, help and treatment is at hand. Author has always held Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Diet in very high regards, especially for its property to treat a disease from its root with zero side effects.


Details of the ailments have been divided based on the human anatomy. Being a homeopathic doctor, she has covered homeopathic treatment well along with other systems of medicines (like naturopathy, acupressure, acupuncture, allopathy, Bach flower, bio-chemic, diet, and yoga) which she has gained knowledge of and put to successful practice. Every science has its pros and cons and she has never hesitated to advice which one would work best for a particular ailment, by simply keeping the patient in the scheme of things.


Homeopathy is recognized worldwide,Harrison Medicineconsidered the bible of medical science the world over particularly to study diagnosis has devoted two volumes. It refers to homeopathy as modern medicine. The founder of homeopathy, Dr Samuel Hahneman, knew about nano-technology in his era, only because of his towering intelligence. An allopath, Dr Hahneman founded homeopathy to fill in the gaps of allopathy and continued with his research. Today, we all see the miraculous benefits of homeopathy.


In an increasingly polluted environment, with chemical-laden foods and artificial preservatives that is to be blamed for much of the health problems, our lifestyle needs to be re-evaluated to pinpoint the exact cause of almost all or illnesses, which are more often than not of our doing. At such times, Health (Arogya) Mantra book comes like a whiff of fresh air.

Author Dr. Sonali Sarnobat B.H.M.S, M.D,

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