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Organon of Medicine, 6th Edition. Book by William Boericke

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Embark on a journey through the evolution of homeopathy with 'The Organon,' a masterpiece that encapsulates Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s lifelong dedication to the art of healing. Witness the culmination of his research and experimentation across six transformative editions, with the sixth heralded as the most refined and comprehensive. Discover groundbreaking advancements, including the introduction of the vital principle, the revolutionary 50 millesimal scale of potency, and the groundbreaking permissibility of external applications—concepts that redefined homeopathic practice.

This is not just a book; it is a tome of medical philosophy, rich in history and brimming with profound insights. Every page is steeped in wisdom, from the extensive footnotes demystifying complex ideas to the philosophical depths that underpin the very fabric of medical science.

Samuel Hahnemann was not only a medical pioneer but also a polyglot, whose academic pursuits across Europe's illustrious learning centres earned him special honours and widespread acclaim. His final years in Paris were marked by the respect and honour of a grateful community that benefited immensely from his genius.

'The Organon' is more than literature; it's a tribute to a legacy that continues to guide and inspire. For the discerning practitioner, the dedicated student, or the curious mind, this book stands as a testament to a life devoted to the healing arts and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Secure your copy and own a piece of homeopathic heritage that will continue to enlighten for generations to come.

Organon of Medicine - 6th Edition

The Organon has developed slowly out of Hahnemann’s research and experimentation over a period of time. It underwent as many as six editions. This sixth edition incorporates the latest findings of Dr Hahnemann during his dying years and deemed to be the most perfect of all. Many newer concepts like replacement of the vital force by vital principle, the 50 millesimal scale of potency and permissibility of external applications were introduced for the first time that were unheard of in the previous editions. The work is a result of the untiring efforts of the master to improve and update his work and is of historical importance as far as medical philosophy is concerned.

  • High on philosophy
  • Footnotes explaining difficult concepts
  • Evolution of medical science reinstated

Samuel Hahnemann, founder of the homoeopathic system of medicine was a thorough master of different languages like German, French, English, Italian, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Syrian, Chaldaic and Hebrew. His medical studies were pursued in the famous centres of learning in Europe. He graduated in medicine with special honours at Erlangen in the year 1779. He was a member of various scientific societies in Leipsic and other cities and was highly honoured for his researches in chemistry. The last years of Hahnemann's life were spent in Paris, where he received every mark of respect and honour and where his great ability was recognised by an enormous clientage.

About Author: William Boericke, born on October 25, 1849, graduated from Philadelphia Medical College in 1876 and Hahnemannian Medical College in 1880. In San Francisco, he practiced homoeopathy for over 50 years. He was a member of faculty of Hahnemannian Medical College and author of 'A Compendium of the Principles of Homoeopathy’, ‘Boericke's Materia Medica’ and translator to the sixth edition of Hahnemann's ‘Organon’.

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