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How to overcome homesickness with Homeopathy, Bach Flower

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Overcoming Homesickness: Recognizing Symptoms and Exploring Remedies

Homesickness is a common emotional response to being away from one's familiar environment and loved ones. It can affect anyone, regardless of age or experience, and can manifest through a variety of symptoms. Understanding these symptoms is the first step in addressing the condition. Additionally, there are various remedies, both conventional and alternative, that can help alleviate the feelings associated with homesickness.

Symptoms of Homesickness:

- Persistent thoughts of home
- Feeling sad, anxious, or isolated
- Difficulty concentrating on present activities
- Longing for familiar people and places
- Changes in appetite or sleep patterns
- A desire to withdraw socially
- Expressing a strong desire to return home


Homesickness Alternative Remedies:

  1. Bach Flower Remedies:

Chicory & Walnut Combination: This remedy can be particularly helpful for those who feel a strong emotional tie to their family or home. Chicory addresses the possessive and demanding aspects of homesickness, while Walnut helps in adapting to the new environment and dealing with change.

  1. Homeopathic Solutions*:
Bryonia 30C: Ideal for individuals who find themselves constantly thinking, talking, or even dreaming of home. It is often recommended for those who are irritable when away from their comfort zone and who desire for the stability and security of home.
Pulsatilla 30C: Suited for persons who feel abandoned and alone in a new setting. It is often associated with weepiness, a need for comfort and reassurance, and difficulty in adjusting to new situations without their loved ones.

 * Recommended by Kjetill Oftedal, a classical homeopath in his book ‘Family Homeopathy & Survival Guide

Homesickness Coping Strategies:

  1. - Establish a routine: Creating a sense of normalcy can provide comfort.
  2. - Stay connected: Regular contact with family and friends can reduce feelings of isolation.
  3. - Get involved: Engaging in social activities can help create new friendships and connections.
  4. - Keep mementos: Having personal items from home can serve as a source of comfort.
  5. - Practice self-care: Regular exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate sleep are crucial.
  6. - Seek support: Talking to a counselor or joining a support group can provide strategies to cope.


Homesickness is a natural response to separation from one's familiar environment, but it doesn't have to be debilitating. By recognizing the symptoms early and employing both traditional coping strategies and alternative remedies like Bach flower combinations or homeopathic options, one can mitigate the effects of homesickness. It's important to remember that adjustment takes time, and seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. With the right support and remedies, overcoming homesickness is an achievable goal.

Contents: BFR combination contains 2 units of 30ml sealed bach flower remedy units. Pills - 2 dram glass vial containing approx 225 pellets


REPL Dr. Advice No. 52 HOME-SICKNES is a patent formulation prescribed for the symptoms associated with feelings of distress, Strong feelings of anxiousness, Loss of confidence indolent, opposed to physical exertion, and averse to going outside of their routine.

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