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Lords Bee Pee Drops for Low Blood Pressure, Hypotension

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Bee Pee Drops for Low Blood Pressure: Natural Cardiac & Circulatory Support

Navigate the challenges of low blood pressure with BEE PEE Drops – a natural, homeopathic solution crafted for heart health and circulatory equilibrium. Blending the healing powers of Gelesemium, Conium Mac., and heart-supportive Crataegus Oxy., BEE PEE Drops are your go-to for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart muscle health. Embrace a life of balanced circulation and strengthened cardiac wellness with BEE PEE Drops, meticulously manufactured by Lord's Homoeopathic Laboratory Pvt Ltd. Trust in our 30 ML solution to guide your heart towards a healthier rhythm. Discover the path to a stabilized and well-supported cardiovascular system today!

Bee Pee Drops work primarily during low blood pressure. Indications for using Bee drops include Hypotomy of heart circulatory disturbances.

Maintains normal blood pressure and acts upon the muscles of the heart and arteries to induce normal constrictions

Indications: Hypotony of heart, circulatory disturbances

Natural Ingredients in BEE PEE Drops: A Holistic Approach to Heart Health

Composition: Gelesemium Semp 3x HPI, Conium Mac. 4x, HPI, Baryta Carb., 30 HPI, Crataegus Oxy. 4x HPI, Adrenalin HPUS 30, China Off. 3x HPI, Cactus G. 4x HPI.

Gelesemium Semp 3x HPI:

May help in reducing nervous tension and anxiety, potentially beneficial in stress-related blood pressure issues.

Conium Mac. 4x HPI:

Traditionally used to support nervous system health, which can indirectly aid in blood pressure regulation.

Baryta Carb. 30 HPI:

Often used in homeopathy for elderly patients with degenerative heart conditions, it may aid in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Crataegus Oxy. 4x HPI:

Known as a heart tonic, it can help strengthen heart muscles and improve circulation.

Adrenalin HPUS 30:

May have a role in regulating blood pressure and heart rate.

China Off. 3x HPI:

Could be beneficial for improving overall vitality and energy, particularly after illness.

Cactus G. 4x HPI:

Used in homeopathy for various heart-related conditions, it may help in easing chest tightness and improving heart function.

Dosage: 10-15 drops diluted in half cup of water twice a day or as directed by your physician

SIZE: 30 ML.

Mfgr: Lord's Homoeopathic Laboratory Pvt Ltd.


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