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Schwabe Biochemic Ferrum Phosphoricum, Anemia, acute fever

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About  Schwabe Biochemic Tablets Ferrum Phosphorica 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 200x

Ferrum Phosphoricum (Ferroso-Ferric Phosphate) tablets.  

Main sphere of action: Red blood cells (haemoglobin). It is known as the 'first aid tissue salt' to reach out to in the early stage of viral infection or before illness develops due to change in weather

Indication:  Anaemia,fever and inflammation. Dr Mukesh Batra recommends for lron-deficiency anaemia during first trimester of pregnancy. He recommends Ferrum Phos 6x, 4-5 tablets twice daily, for 3 months

Schwabe Bio Chemics Ferrum phosphoricum is also indicated for  Fever and Inflammation.

Biochemic Cell remedy Ferrum Phos is available in Schwabe India WSI (20gms, 550Gms) and in Schwabe Germany WSG (20gms)

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Why Biochemics should be taken?

Biochemics are also known as tissue salts or cell salts and are recommended in low decimal potencies for correcting deficiencies at cell level. The principle aim of Biochemic salts is to stimulate the body to harmonize the disturbances, and compensate for deficient absorption of minerals. These salts help to activate the healing processes and facilitate regeneration of body tissues and stabilize health. These natural salts are physiologically and chemically similar to the cell minerals in the human body and penetrate cells more easily than heavier minerals. So they play an active role in reorganizing disturbed molecular motion or cure imbalance of the respective minerals in cells thus restoring health.

There are 12 Biochemic tissue salts and each tissue salt covers numerous systems and symptoms. Biochemic salts enable better absorption of other nutrients and serve to “fortify” and energize living tissue. These come in various potencies and are widely used amongst children, infants and adults without any side effects. Safe for the entire family with no worries of any drug interactions.

Benefits/Uses of Ferrum Phosphoricum. 

  • Ferrum phos is present in the makeup (composition) of hemoglobin. It has the ability to draw oxygen from inhaled air and carry it to the blood. Ferr. Phos. is the pre-eminent Biochemic First Aid. It is the oxygen carrier. It enters into the composition of haemoglobin, the red colouring matter of the blood. It takes up oxygen from the air inhaled by the lungs and carries it in the blood stream to all parts of the body thus furnishing the vital force that sustains life.
  • It gives strength and toughness to the circular walls of the blood vessels, especially the arteries. Freely circulating, oxygen-rich blood is essential to health and life and for this reason, Ferr. Phos. should always be considered as a supplementary remedy, no matter what other treatment may be indicated by the symptoms.
  • Congestion, inflammatory pain, high temperature and a quickened pulse, all call for more oxygen and it is Ferr. Phos. that is the medium through which oxygen is taken up by the blood stream and carried to the affected area. This tissue salt can be given with advantage in the early stage of most acute disorders, and it should be administered at frequent intervals until the inflammatory symptoms subside.
  • It is also indicated where there is a lack of red blood corpuscles, as in anaemia, and as a first aid remedy for haemorrhages. It would be difficult to find a case of illness where Ferr. Phos. could not be used to advantage, irrespective of any other treatment that may be given. It is an excellent remedy for ailments associated with advancing years and it is one of the most frequently needed remedies in the treatment of children’s ailments.
  • Bleeding from wounds, cuts and abrasions, can be controlled with a little powdered Ferr. Phos., applied directly to the injured parts. A few tablets may be crushed for this purpose or the tablets may be dissolved and used as a lotion (see directions, external applications). Ferr. Phos. should also be thought of as a first-aid in cases of muscular strains, sprains etc.

Schwabe Biochemic Ferrum Phos Ingredients

Ferrum Phosphoricum 


Adults: Four tablets 3-4 times a day. Children: Half of the adult's dose or as prescribed by the physician.

Presentation: 20 gms

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