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Sulphur Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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Sulphur indications :-

This remedy is of great use in the beginning of treatment especially the chronic cases and in the end of acute ones. It has special affinity for the skin and for various skin affections with intense itching and burning sensation.

Mind: Forgetful and difficulty in recollecting. Full of delusions and seems busy all the time. Childishness, peevishness and irritability of grown up people. Self centered with no regard for others. Religious melancholy with aversion to work.

Head: Persistent heat on the vertex. Headache with heaviness and fullness with pressure in temples with vertigo. Periodical sick headache. Ringworm of the scalp with dryness. Dry and itching scalp with falling of hair.

Eyes: Ulceration on the margin of eyelids with heat and burning in eyes. Dizziness with black dots before eyes. Ulceration of cornea, conjunctivitis with burning and itching.

Ears: Buzzing in the ears after ear infections. Defective hearing preceded by very acute and sensitive hearing.

Nose: Vesicular eruptions across the nose. Blockage of nose when indoors. The wings of the nose, red and scabby from chronic dry catarrh with bleeding. Nasal polyps and adenoids.

Mouth: Dryness of lips with burning and bitter taste in the morning. Gums swollen with throbbing pain and white tongue with red tip.

Throat: Sensation of a lump in the throat with burning, redness and dryness.

Stomach: Total loss or excessive appetite. Drinks more but eats little with desire for sweets. Burning, painful and pressure with excessive acidity. Weakness and faint empty feeling about have something to eat.

Abdomen: Sensitive to pressure with rawness and soreness. Pain and soreness over liver with colic.

Rectum: Intense itching and burning of anus with haemorrhoids. Stool frequent with ineffectual desire and hard, knotty and insufficient stool. Burning and redness around the anus with itching. Painless diarrhea with prolapsed of rectum.

Urine: Frequent, profuse urination and bedwetting in children with burning in urethra and passage of mucus and pus in the urine. Soreness of the parts with sudden urges.

Male: Frequent involuntary emissions with stitches in the genitalia. Itching of the parts at night with cold, relaxed organs.

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