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Other Biochemics

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Bjain Biochemic Tablet Kali Phosphorica 6x for Insomnia,  Depression
Bjain Biochemic Tablet Silicea 6x for Nail and Hair problems, Boils, Eczema, Pus formation
Bjain Biochemic Tablet Kali Muriaticum 6x for Ear pain, Sinus, Acne and Throat Infection
Bjain Biochemic Tablet Calcarea Flour 6x for Varicose Veins, Hemorrhoids
Bjain Biochemic  Tablets Calcarea phosphorica 6x for Bone and Teeth problems
Bjain Biochemics Tablets Calcarea Sulphurica 6x for Boils, Pimples and Eczema
Bjain Biochemic Tablets Ferrum Phosphoricum 6x for Anaemia, Inflammation
B Jain Biochemic Tablet Kali Sulphuricum 6x for for Dandruff/ Itchy skin, and Seasonal Rashes
Bjain Biochemic  Tablets Magnesium Phosphoricum 6x for Neuralgias, Cramps and Spasms
Bjain  Biochemic Tablets Natrum Muriaticum 6x for Constipation, Blocked Nose
Bjain Biochemics Tablets Natrum Phosphorica 6x for Constipation, Indigestion
B Jain Biochemic Tablets Natrum Sulphuricum 6x for Biliousness, Constipation
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