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Homeopathy Non Medicated Globules (Pellets, Pills) in Size 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60

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Introduction to Homeopathic Globules

Globules are a crucial component in homeopathic medicine, serving as carriers for the active medicinal ingredients. These small, round sugar pills, often made from cane sugar or milk sugar, play a vital role in the efficacy and administration of homeopathic treatments. The diameter of the globules is determined by the various sizes they come in.  Here's a more detailed look into their features, composition, and usage:

Features and Compliance of Homeopathic Globules

- Compliance with Standards: Manufactured under a Homeopathic Drug License, these globules meet the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HPI) standards.

- Sulphur Content: The sugar used in these non-medicated sugar globules undergoes the defeco Re-melt Phospho-Floatation Process, ensuring minimal sulphur content and international grade quality.

- High Absorption Capacity: This feature ensures complete impregnation of homeopathic medicine, leading to effective dosing.

- Appearance: Globules are sparkling brilliant white, indicating purity and quality.

- Shelf Life and Consistency: They have a long shelf life and are uniform in shape and size, facilitating easy filling and administration as per prescriptions.

- Pharma-grade Quality: This ensures uniform dispersibility and effective delivery of the medicinal substance.

Composition and Quality of Globules

- Made of Sugar: Composed of cane or milk sugar, these globules are white. Any discoloration, such as turning yellow or brown, indicates they should not be used.

- Odorless and Sweet: They are homogeneous in composition, without any odor and have a sweet taste.

- Variety of Sizes: Available in different sizes to cater to various dosing needs.

Benefits of good quality branded Globules :

- Effective Medicinal Transfer: These globules transfer liquid medicines effectively by impregnating the medication into them.

- Non-Alteration of Medicinal Properties: They do not modify the properties of the drug substances, making them an ideal vehicle for homeopathic medicine delivery.

- Ease of Administration: Their solubility makes them easily administrable across all age groups.

Dosage and Administration Guidelines

- Recommended Dosage: For adults, 4-5 globules at a time, and for children, 3-4 globules.

- Method of Consumption: These pills should be placed on the tongue and allowed to dissolve naturally with saliva.

- Frequency: The administration frequency should be as per the physician’s prescription.

In summary, globules are an essential aspect of homeopathic medicine, ensuring effective delivery and administration of treatments. Their quality, composition, and ease of use make them a preferred choice in homeopathic practices.

Size: The Globules are available in the following sizes: No.: 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60

Packing Size: 450 Gms, 1KG

Available brands:  Medilife, Dr Vashisht (doctor's quality, Hyderabad) &Schwabe

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