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Baksons Nail and Hair Aid Tablets for Luxurious Glossy Hair and Healthy Nails Get 25% off

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Size Option: 30 tablets

About Bakson Nail and Hair Aid Tablets

Baksons Nail and Hair Aid Tablets is indicated for Luxurious Glossy Hair and Healthy Nails.

Indications: Provides essential nutrition for collagen and keratin build up, improves blood circulation and imparts texture, tone as well as strength to hair besides healthy nails.

Introduction: Healthy hair and strong nails are a reflection of general overall health- both inside out. In order to keep them beautiful and youthful, baksons nail and hair aid tabletsis required. It provides essential nutrition for collagen and kertin build up, improves blood circulation and imparts texture, tone as well as strength to hair besides healthy nails.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate 100mg, Inositol 100mg, Vitamin c 75mg, Iron (ferrous ascorbate) 17mg, Lecithin 16.75mg, Vitamin e 15mg, Bioperine 7.5mg, Vitamin B21.6mg, Vitamin A 600mg, Folic Acid 400mcg, Bioton 30mcg, Vitamin D3 5mcg, Vitamin B12 1.5mcg, Other ingredients: Microcrysrtalline Cellulose (INS 460i), MPS (INS 1201), talc (INS 553iii), Magnesium stearate (INS 470iii), Colloidal Silicon Dioxide(INS 551).

Action of individual components in Baksons Nail and Hair Aid Tablet

Calcium carbonate: The calcium in hair helps to stimulate communication between cells, thereby promoting Hair growth and healthy follicles. This mineral also keeps Heart, Muscles, Nerves and various other systems functioning, and all of these processes play a vital role in healthy hair and Nail growth.

Inositol: A diet lacking in Inositol will result in baldness. With a diet rich in Inositol, however, hair growth can resume & can prevent baldness as well as thinning hair

Vitamin C: It improves hair growth, fights dandruff, stops Hair loss, and leads to thicker Hair, while a deficiency can cause split ends.

Iron: Adequate amount of Iron prevents concave shape and brittle fingernails. Sudden loss of hair can be caused due to iron deficiency Anaemia.

Lecithin: It helps in making weak, broken and splintered Nails strong. It serves as a softening and smoothing agent, fights dry and damaged Hair

Vitamin E: It increases blood circulation, thus improving the amount of blood flowing through the Hair and Nail-growth structures. An increase in blood supply increases growth efficiency and may lead to faster, stronger and healthier Hair growth. Vitamin E also helps in correcting certain Nail-growth disorders including yellow & brittle Nails. It also acts as an antioxidant and destroys free radicals that damage Hair and Nails and promotes healthy growth

Bioperine: It supplies essential nutrition to body which aids in the manufacture of healthy new collagen and keratin that leads to glossy locks of Hair. Nails become strong and resistant to breakage.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): It helps the body to absorb the essential mineral Iron, which is necessary for healthy and strong Nails. With Iron deficiency the fingernails can turn white, brittle, thin and grow abnormally (taking on a spoon-like appearance).

Vitamin A: It is necessary for sebum production to keep Hair moisturized. It is also necessary for the growth and maintenance of collagen, which provides structure to Hair and Nails.

Folic acid: Since folic acid aids cells work and tissues grow, it helps Hair growth. If there is folic acid deficiency, it can lead to grey Hair and poor Nail growth.

Biotin: It is also essential for maintaining the texture, tone and strength of Hair locks. It may strengthen brittle Nails and reduce breaking and splitting and increases Nail thickness.

Vitamin D3: It is known for helping to reduce stress and keep up the feel good feeling, therefore it helps if Hair loss is exacerbated by excessive levels of stress. It also helps in Hair looking good and growing strong. Vitamin D is found inside the follicles of healthy Hair, and is absent in the follicles of unhealthy Hair.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is a key to nail health. It plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells. A deficiency of B12 can lead to Anaemia resulting in pale, unhealthy or unsightly Nails & dry Hair.

Nutritional information (Approx. value) Energy 2.71 kcal. Carbohydrates 0.07g. protein 0.20g. fat 0.0g.

Dosage 1 Baksons Nail and Hair Aid Tablets, once a day or as prescribed by the physician.

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