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Bach flower remedy Aspen for vague fear, worries, unknown scare

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Bach Flower Aspen keywords: Vague fears and worries of unknown origin,  apprehensions, phobia

Also known as Aspen, Populus tremula.

Emotional state of person needing Bach flower remedy Aspen: Inexplicable, vague fears night and day; fear of impending evil for no reason. Terrified something terrible will happen

Person before Bach flower remedy Aspen treatment: Anxious, superstitious, worried. Introverted.

Person after Bach flower remedy Aspen treatment: Emotional stability. Psychic sensitivity.

About Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach a British doctor and homeopath concluded that sickness and diseases were not primarily  due to physical causes, but to some deeper harmony with in the sufferer himself.

He observed that body loses its natural resistance to diseases and become easy prey to any infection or from of illness due to distress in mind such as fear, worry, over anxiety, importance which depleted the vitality of an individual.

Between 1930 and 1936 he devoted his whole time to the search for harmless remedies amongst the wild flowers of countryside. He discovered 38 flower Remedies containing healing properties with the help of which the sufferer could again strength to overcome his anxieties, his fears, depression and so assist in his own healing in a natural way. He believed that flowers and plants contain energy that can heal emotional issues

 Bach Flower Properties

Batch flowers Remedies affects the emotion and corrects emotional disharmony, imbalance in the person, which gave the feeling of physical well-being

Salient Features

  • Only 38 remedies therefore easy remembrance.
  • No elaborate head racking study . Easily understood
  • Very simple
  • Non-habit-forming and absolutely without any side effects.
  • Can mix up to three medicines and be given for chronic diseases.
  • Can be repeated as often as required. Even up to 3-5 times a day as there is no problem of over closing.
  • No withdrawal symptoms.

About Aspen Bach Flower Remedy, Descriptive Materia Medica

Vague unknown fears for which there can be given no explanation, no reason. It is a terror that something awful is going to happen even though it is unclear what exactly. These vague inexplicable fears may haunt by night or day. Claustrophobia is one of it  Sufferers may often be afraid to tell their trouble to others. 

The fears, apprehensions, and forebodings that come upon us for no known cause or reason need Aspen. These are different from the Mimulus fear which is of physical origin, the Aspen fear is more of mind. It is closely associated with the terror of Rock Rose for it often results in panic. Aspen's fears are haunting fears that may come day or night. They may be a sudden waking in terror in the night without knowing the cause of the awakening, or a dread of going to sleep for fear of what might happen.

Often they are connected with thoughts of death or religion. The 'goose-flesh' fear, the 'hair-raising' fear, of something not seen or heard, but sensed, is an Aspen fear. "A sudden and unaccountable fear that seems to arrive out of the blue and assails the victim with a horrifying sense of impending disaster, of intense panic and terror. It commonly attacks when the patient is alone, but sometimes the cold panic of inexplicable terror will swoop down when amongst friends, when humanly speaking, all should be happy and safe." Those who experience such fear seldom speak of it to others for, as they can give no definite reason for their trouble they expect disbelief and to be told their fears are imaginary.

Dr Bach wrote: "Fear of such things as an operation, a visit to the dentist, a thunderstorm, a fire or an accident are physical fears. They are bad enough, but they are nothing in comparison with the unknown mental fears. They come over you like a cloud, bringing fear, terror, even panic, without the least reason. Frequently with trembling and seating from abject fear of something utterly unknown. Aspen can abolish this kind of fear."

Of the positive aspect of Aspen, Dr. Bach said: "Fearlessness because of the knowledge that the universal power of love stands behind all. Once we come to that realization we are beyond pain or suffering, beyond care or worry or fear, beyond everything except the joy of life, the joy of our immortality. It makes the desire to invite experience, to invite adventure, knowing that it is leading us to our heavenly home, and we can walk that path through any danger, through any difficulty unafraid". "Fear knocked at the door. Faith opened it and there was no one there".- Chinese Proverb

Case Treated with Aspen Bach Flower Remedy

Miss Sneha, aged 26, was of an extremely nervous disposition, frightened of something she could not explain, and when that occurred she felt as if she would faint. Her heart pounded so that she trembled all over. She suffered from palpitations and felt she had not have the nerve to face life's problems. In May 1954, Aspen was prescribed for this inexplicable fear, and Larch was added to give her confidence to face life. She took this medicine for a month with no appreciable difference, except that she had not fainted. At the end of the next month on the same remedies she reported she had only one attack of fear, her heart was quieter and she felt better in herself. She continued for another two months when she could say she had never felt so well physically or so "brave" in her life. She had lost her fear, and people were asking her what she had taken to make this big difference.

Bach Flower mixes with Aspen BFR: 

Bach Flower Mix 11 - Aspen, Mimulus, Rockrose for Anger control

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Aspen, Mimulus, for Behaviour problems

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Aspen, Rock water for High sensitivity

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Aspen, Mimulus, Rock Rose for Anxiety, Nervousness

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Aspen, Cerato for dogs(pets)

Presentation: 30ml, 100ml

Price : Rs.99 for 30 ml, get upto 35% off for best price

Dosage 5-10 Drops 3-4 times daily or as directed by a physician.
Manufacturer Hahnemann Pharma
Form 30 ml Drops

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