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Agom Vat-Nashak Oil & Sandhishodhana Pill Combo - Holistic Joint Pain Relief

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Size: 100ml Oil & 40gm Tablets

Painless Movement Combo - Vat-Nashak Oil & Sandhishodhana Pill

The combination of Vitex nigundo 3x, Ricinus communis 3x, and Pluchea lanceolata 3x, utilized both internally in pill form and externally as an oil, represents a holistic approach to managing joint pain. This unique blend harnesses the therapeutic properties of each ingredient to offer comprehensive joint pain relief.

Vitex nigundo 3x: Known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, Vitex nigundo, commonly known as the Chaste Tree, is effective in reducing swelling and pain associated with joint issues. In a 3x homeopathic dilution, it's believed to target the body's natural pain response mechanisms.
Ricinus communis 3x: Ricinus communis, or castor oil plant, is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and circulation-boosting properties. When used in a 3x dilution, it helps in alleviating joint pain and improving mobility.
Pluchea lanceolata 3x: Also known as Rasna in Ayurveda, Pluchea lanceolata is traditionally used for its anti-arthritic properties. It assists in reducing stiffness and improving joint function.

Internal Use (SandhiShodhana Pills): When these ingredients are combined in a pill form for internal use, they work synergistically to address joint pain from within. They help modulate the body's inflammatory response, potentially reducing pain and improving joint health over time.

  • Vitex nigundo 3x 1.66%, ricinus communis 3x 1.66%, pluchea lanceolata 3x 1.66%,
  • Sugar Pills, 4 Pills twice daily

External Use (Oil): The same combination in oil form, applied externally, provides direct relief to painful joints. The topical application helps in reducing local inflammation and pain, and the massage aids in improving blood circulation to the affected areas.

  • Vitex nigundo 3x 0.83%, ricinus communis 3x 0.83%, pluchea lanceolata 3x 0.83%
  • Til Oil base. Massage gently on affected area thrice daily

Together, this internal and external approach aims to provide a more rounded and effective treatment for joint pain, leveraging the strengths of both systemic and localized therapy. It's important to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment, especially in cases of chronic pain or existing health conditions.

Agom Vat-Nashak Oil & Sandhishodhana Pill combination  is indicated for joint pain and swelling. Also useful for Arthritis and is known to improve condition of bones. It activates blood circulation and enhances lubrication to improve movements. 

Side effects

No side effects of Agom Vat-Nashak Oil & Sandhishodhana Pill are known

Contra indications

No contra indications for the use of Agom Vat-Nashak Oil & Sandhishodhana Pill are known.  


Combo contains 2 units - 100ml external application Oil & 40gm internal Tablets 

About Manufacturer: 

Formulated by Vd. S. G. Mahajan of Agom Aushadhalaya Pvt Ltd Kolthare, a pioneer of micro medicines. Each of the existing pathy's had one or the other drawbacks. The thought of bringing in a different trait in medicine, which would be simple, easy and moreover without any side effects prevailed in his mind. While studying different pathy's came across Dr. Kulkarni’s Electro Homoeopathy and learned that these medicines are purely herbal and harmless. Dr. Ghosh's Book ‘Drugs of Hindustan’ directed the efforts towards the goal. 

Agom medicines are harmless, absolutely free of complications and without any reactions or side- effects and are very easy to administer. The properties of herbal decoctions remain unaltered for about a year, but the properties of Matras for year together. These medicines are nothing but modern matras.

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