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Doctor-Recommended Homeopathic Treatments for Acidity, Indigestion, Gas, & Reflux Relief

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Embracing Homeopathic Healing for Digestive Wellness

Welcome to our comprehensive product page, dedicated to those seeking natural, homeopathic remedies for common digestive ailments such as indigestion, gas, and acidity. This space is not just a showcase of products; it's a testament to the healing power of homeopathy and its role in enhancing your digestive health.

In our fast-paced world, digestive issues have become increasingly prevalent, often exacerbated by lifestyle choices and dietary habits. Recognizing this, we have curated a selection of homeopathic remedies, each meticulously chosen for its efficacy and safety. Our focus is on solutions formulated by esteemed homeopaths like Dr. Kirti and Dr. Pranjali, whose expertise in treating digestive disorders is both renowned and respected.

Dr. Kirti's Homeopathy Acidity Cure Combinations:

These combinations are specially formulated to address various symptoms of acidity and reflux. With remedies like Robinia 30 and Bismuthum Metallicum 30, Dr. Kirti’s approach targets the root causes of acidity, offering relief from discomfort and promoting overall digestive health. For those seeking a comprehensive understanding, Dr. Kirti's informative YouTube video, "Acidity | Cure Ur Acidity with My formula of Homeopathic Medicine", offers valuable insights.

Dr. Pranjali's Acidity and Indigestion Relief Combinations

Dr. Pranjali's combinations are a blend of carefully selected homeopathic remedies, providing relief from gas, acidity, and indigestion symptoms. Her YouTube videos, including "Gas problems, acidity symptoms, indigestion homeopathic medicine | gastric problem & flatulence", serve as a valuable resource for understanding the application and benefits of these combinations.

Each product listed here is more than just a remedy; it represents a holistic approach to health and wellness. Homeopathy, with its principle of "like cures like", offers a gentle yet effective pathway to healing, making it a suitable option for many.

As you explore our selection, we encourage you to delve into the detailed descriptions and instructional videos provided. This will not only aid in selecting the right remedy for your specific needs but also enhance your understanding of homeopathy and its role in maintaining digestive health.

Dr. Kirti's Signature Homeopathy Acidity Relief: Combination 1

Delve into the unique blend of remedies in Dr. Kirti's first combination, tailored for effective acidity and heartburn management.

Check his Youtube video titled "Acidity | Cure Ur Acidity with My formula of Homeopathic Medicine | गला और पेट जलना खट्टी डकार आना " for more information

  • Robinia 30, 2 drop 3 times a day after meal. Homeopathic Robinia Pseudacacia is particularly beneficial in treating acidity, as it effectively neutralizes stomach acid and reduces symptoms like heartburn and sour burps. It's known for its ability to alleviate gastric discomfort caused by hyperacidity, making it a valuable remedy for those suffering from acid reflux and related conditions.
  • Bismuthum Metallicum 30, 2 drop 3 times a day before meal or food. Homeopathic Bismuthum Metallicum 30 is renowned for its effectiveness in alleviating acidity-related symptoms. It primarily aids in soothing stomach lining discomfort, reducing acid reflux, and providing relief from the burning sensations often associated with gastric issues. Its gentle action makes it a suitable choice for those seeking a natural approach to managing acidity.

Advanced Acidity and Digestive Wellness with Dr. Kirti's Combination 2

Explore the specialized selection of homeopathic solutions in Dr. Kirti's second combination, aimed at enhancing digestive health and alleviating acidity-related discomfort

  • Dizester Syrup,10ml two times a day
  • Nux vomica 30, 2 drop 2 times a day, for pain in the stomach even with the least food, nausea may accompany. Constipation with an ineffectual urge to pass stool may be felt. Nux Vomica helps to relieve gas issues as well as constipation to relieve the gastric headache. Nux Vomica is also highly suitable for those who live a sedentary life
  • Robinia 30, 2 drops 2 times a day. In addition to above, it is a well-indicated medicine that helps to manage acid reflux. Acidity gets worse at night, persons needing it have dry scratchy throat. The throat feels rough and sore.

Dr. Pranjali's Customized Homeopathy Blend for Acidity & Indigestion: Combination 1

A focused look at the first of Dr. Pranjali's tailored homeopathic formulas, designed for comprehensive relief from acidity and indigestion symptoms.

Check her Youtube video titled "Gas problems, acidity symptoms, indigestion homeopathic medicine | gastric problem & flatulence" to know more

  1. Robinia 6 c: refer above
  2. Antim crud 6 ch: Homeopathic Antimonium Crudum 6 is highly effective in alleviating indigestion, especially when accompanied by bloating and excessive flatulence. It is particularly suited for cases where indigestion is coupled with a thick, white-coated tongue and a tendency to overeat or consume indigestible food, providing relief from the discomfort associated with these symptoms
  3. Carbo veg 6c: Homeopathic Carbo Vegetabilis 6C is highly effective for indigestion, especially when there's a sensation of fullness, bloating, and gas after eating. It is particularly beneficial in cases where indigestion is accompanied by a feeling of fatigue and sluggish digestion, helping to relieve abdominal discomfort and revive the digestive system. 
  4. Lycopodium 6c: Homeopathic Lycopodium 6 CH is well-regarded for its efficacy in treating indigestion, particularly in cases marked by bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort. It's especially helpful for those who experience digestive issues due to a slow metabolism or liver dysfunction, offering significant relief from symptoms like flatulence and fullness even after light meals.
  5. China (Cinchona Off) 6c: Homeopathic China (Cinchona Officinalis) 6C is beneficial in relieving indigestion, acidity, and gas, especially when these conditions are accompanied by abdominal bloating and a feeling of fullness. It is particularly effective in cases of weak digestion following fluid loss or dehydration, providing relief from flatulence and abdominal discomfort.

Dosage: Mix all and take 2 times in a day for chronic cases and 2 every 10 min gap 3 dose for acute case

Enhanced Digestive Harmony with Dr. Pranjali's Homeopathy Combination 2

Explore the second innovative combination by Dr. Pranjali, specifically crafted to target and soothe various aspects of acidity and digestive disturbances.

Check her Youtube video titled "खट्टी डकार , एसिडिटी , बदहजमी, अपच से छुटकारा | Acidity ka ilaj | acidity homeopathic medicine"

  • Natrum phos 6x - It is one of the best medicines in homeopathy to manage acid reflux. The first indication for using it is sensation of a lump in the throat. Second symptom where this medicine helps is difficulty in swallowing. It is accompanied by much hawking (forceful clearing of throat to get rid of phlegm). Lastly, inflammation of throat can be there when this medicine is required. Persons needing it suffer from acidity with sour burps. They may have a complaint of water brash (excessive saliva mixed with the stomach acid rising to the mouth) too.
  • Robinia 30: refer above
  • Nux vomica 30Homeopathic Nux Vomica 30 is highly effective for treating indigestion, acidity, and reflux, particularly in cases where these issues are exacerbated by stress or lifestyle choices. It is known for its ability to alleviate symptoms like heartburn, bloating, and stomach discomfort, making it a go-to remedy for those with sensitive digestive systems.
  • Pulsatilla 30: Homeopathic Pulsatilla 30 is particularly beneficial for indigestion and acidity especially suited for cases marked by a variable appetite and a preference for rich, fatty foods. It helps in soothing the digestive tract, relieving heartburn and acid reflux, and is particularly effective when these symptoms are accompanied by a gentle, yielding disposition.
  • Carbo veg 200 - indicating symptom to use it is sensation of something acrid and corroding in throat that incites cough. Another symptom is difficulty in swallowing food

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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