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ADEL 5 (apo-STOM) Drops: Natural Relief for Acidity, Vomiting & Digestive Harmony

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Alleviate Acidity, Vomiting, and Stomach Woes with ADEL 5 (apo-STOM) Homeopathic Drops:

ADEL 5 (apo-STOM) Indications:

ADEL 5 (apo-STOM) drops are designed for nausea, vomiting (including hyperemesis), digestive disturbances, gastritis, enteritis, and gastro-enteritis. These drops work to detoxify the stomach and intestinal tissues, providing relief from symptoms like overacidity, gastritis, stomach pressure, burning sensations, a feeling of fullness, and nervous sensations.

ADEL 5 (apo-STOM) Ingredients & benefits:
  • ADEL 5 (apo-STOM) drops contain Antimonium crudum 6X, Belladonna 4X, Colocynthis 4X, Colchicum 6X, Natrium phosphoricum 4X, Nux vomica 12X, Robinia pseudacacia 4X, and Millefolium 12X. 
  • - Antimonium Crudum: Treats symptoms such as gastritis, intestinal spasms, loss of appetite, and craving for sour foods. It addresses emotional symptoms related to stomach problems, such as fear and lack of confidence.
  • - Belladonna: Effectively restores the health of damaged mucous membranes and treats gastroenteritis, hyperemesis, cramps, and hypersensitivity. Resolves acute stomach and intestinal catarrh, gallbladder colic, and disruption of stomach secretions.
  • - Colocynthis: Specifically addresses colic, spasms, and pains from the stomach, gallbladder, intestines, and urethra. Relieves stomach-related symptoms like bitter taste, regurgitation, burping, bloating, flatulence, irritability, and excitability.
  • - Colchicum: A remedy for rheumatic joint conditions and gout, it treats gastritis, hyperemesis, burning sensation, and gastroenteritis. Alleviates nausea and vomiting caused by exposure to strong odors from certain foods.
  • - Natrium Phosphoricum: Addresses gastrointestinal afflictions, including diarrhea from hyperacidity. Treats acid eructation, heartburn, and supports the regulation of parietal cell activity.
  • - Nux Vomica: Helps treat stomach irritation, regulates peristalsis, and eliminates chronic gastritis. Addresses symptoms like coated tongue, nausea with vomiting, bitter taste, and constipation.
  • - Robinia Pseudacacia: Treats stomach overacidity, eliminates digestive tract catarrh, and stabilizes the circulatory system.
  • - Millefolium: Supports digestive tract function and regulation, heals mucosal bleeding, and relieves cramps. Effective in treating venous blockages, gallbladder dysfunction, and gastritis.

Recommended Dosage of ADEL 5 (apo-STOM):

- Adults: 15–20 drops
- Children: 7–10 drops

Take three times a day in 1/4 cup of water unless otherwise prescribed.

Recommended Complementary Remedies:

  1. - ADEL 3 (apo-HEPAT drops) for Liver function
  2. - ADEL 32 (OPSONAT drops) for Focal infections, mucous membrane inflammation
  3. - ADEL 43 (CARDINORMA drops) for Strengthening the heart
  4. - ADEL 66 (TOXEX drops) for General excretion, heavy metals
  5. - ADEL 87 (apo-INFEKT drops) for Bacterial and viral infections

Original Packing: 20ml sealed bottle

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