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Hahnemann Bach flower Chicory for possessive, over-protective

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Bach flower Chicory Indications: Possessiveness, Self Love, Self Pity, Wants Attention and Company.

Also known as Chichorjum Intybus, Wild succory. 

About Bach Flower Remedy

Dr. EDWARD BACH born in mosely Warwichshire concluded that sickness and diseases were not primarily due to physical causes, but to some deeper harmony within the sufferer himself.

He observed that body loses its natural resistance to diseases and becomes easy prey to any infection or from of illness due to distress in the mind such as fear, worry, anxiety, and importance which depleted the vitality of an individual.

Between 1930 and 1936 He devoted his whole time to the search for harmless remedies amongst the wildflowers of the countryside. He discovered 38 flower Remedies containing healing properties with the help of which the sufferer could again strength to overcome his anxieties, his fears, and depression and so assist in his own heating in a natural way.

Bach Flower Properties

Bach flowers Remedies affect the emotion and correct emotional disharmony, and imbalance in the person, which gave the feeling of physical well-being.

Salient Features:

  • Only 38 remedies therefore easy remembrance.
  • No elaborate head racking study. Easily understood
  • Very simple
  • Non-habit forming and absolutely without any side effects.
  • Can mix up to three medicines and be given for chronic diseases.
  • Can be repeated as often as required. Even up to 3-5 times a day as there is no problem of over closing.
  • No withdrawal symptoms. 

    Chicory Bach Flower Remedy: Descriptive Materia Medica

    Dr. Bach described this remedy in its positive aspect as the 'Love' remedy, the impersonal universal love which is given without thought of return. The true service remedy. For those, who are peaceful and repose to others and teach them to become self-reliant, strong, and independent individuals. The desire to serve and the love aspect are well developed in most people, but in some, the outflow of love is checked and turned inward to love of self. Then the individual becomes congested mentally and perhaps physically also She is an extreme 'nagger', never rests, wears herself to a frazzle, and is full of self-pity, 'no one appreciates me' attitude. She is easily hurt and feels rejected. She is toxic with mental and emotional poison.

    The Chicory type tends to become possessive of others, likes to keep those she cares for near her to control and direct their lives and criticizes their way of doing things. She likes the sense of ownership and power over others through their sympathy and talks much about duty. "Think what I have been through for you, what I have done for you" is a typical phase. If she cannot get her own way, she becomes fretful and weeps, and has a sense of martyrdom. "She is very cross when she does not get all the attention she thinks is due to her, she is given a certain amount of self-pity and is apt to be tearful when she gets no sympathy. At the same time, one is expected to do as she says."

    Chicory people may even simulate or invoke illness to keep friends and relatives waiting for them, daughters and sons have often foregone their Own careers or marriage to home and look after such a patient. These characteristics may occur in individuals of all ages and sexes, like the small boy who disliked school and developed a bad pain in his tummy. He lay in bed and wept incessantly, wanting attention all the time, and saying "I could make myself better if I could stay at home." Then the mother wrote "My small son, aged five, is starting school and I feel can't face the lonely future. I shall miss him so much, the house will be so quiet, it seems more than I can bear." The mother-love here is purely selfish, there was no thought of the child's excitement or of his possible nervousness about his new life at school, but only of her own distress and loneliness.

    These people fuss over others, apparently doing everything for the comfort and happiness of others, but they do so in a way that brings no peace or rest, and in this way, they sap their victim's vitality. They are fussy about details, often proud and critical of the work of others. During an illness, they become fretful, full of self-pity, want attention and company the whole time, and weep easily. The child will not part with his toys to give them to another child "It is mine. Don't touch it."

    Chicory Bach Flower, Cases treated:
    Case: A six-year-old child had always her own way even enjoying arguments as they drew her attention to herself. She was fussy, interfering, and critical, often saying unkind things, but later her true nature would come out, and there would be bursts of generosity. Her moods changed very quickly. For this self-concern and desire for attention and also for varying moods, the remedies Chicory and Scleranthus were given. The parents said the result was quite noticeable within a few days and over a longer period the result was quite remarkable.

    Chicory in Bach Flower remedy mixes:

    Bach Flower Remedy Mix 6 - Chicory, Crab Apple, Wild Rose, Star of Bethlehem for trauma on the divorce of Parents.

    Dosage:  5-10 Drops 3-4 times daily or as directed by a physician. 

    Presentation: 30ml, 100ml

    Dosage 5-10 Drops 3-4 times daily or as directed by a physician.
    Manufacturer Hahnemann Pharma
    Form Drops
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