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SBL Drops No 9 for dry cough, pain in throat and chest

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Size: 30ml

About SBL Drops No 9 for Cough 

SBL Drops No. 9 is clinically proven homeopathic formulation which relieves a cough & the associated signs & symptoms effectively without producing any adverse effects

Coughing can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include normal clearing of airways, irritants such as smoke and gas, tobacco use or improperly swallowing food and liquids.

Sometimes, throat irritation can cause near-constant throat clearing, coughing, hoarseness, or painful swallowing. A dry throat is often a sign of a head cold, dehydration, or sleeping with your mouth open, especially during winter. Allergies can cause a dry cough (no phlegm or mucus) or wet cough (very phlegmy),

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SBL Drops No 9  Indications

  • Dry productive cough
  • rattling cough
  • Pain in throat and chest with dryness
  • Cough associated with irritation and dryness in throat.
  • Post nasal discharge

SBL Drops No 9  Composition

  • Blatta orientalis 3x
  • Ipecacuanha 3x
  • Bryonia alba 3x
  • Zingiber officinalis 2x

Action of ingredients used in Drops No 9 

Blatta Orientalis 3x- Severe attacks of coughing with dyspnea. Dr Vikas Sharma saysBlatta Orientalis is prescribed for a cough with difficult respiration and pus-like mucus. It is more suitable to fat persons. Patient get worse in the rainy weather.  Medicine prepared from Talapoka i.e., Indian cockroach belonging to the family orthpetra. This medicine is proved by Dr D N Ray of Calcutta. Leading symptom for use of Blatta Orie is Dyspnoea , threatened suffocation. acute cases of asthma and bronchitis, rattling of mucous, aggravated by lying down. 

Ipecacuanha 3x- Dry spasmodic cough with pain in head and stomach, nausea and vomiting

Bryonia alba 3x- Dry cough with vomiting and stitches in the side of the chest. Cough excited by tickling of throat

Zingiber Officinalis 2x- Dry cough with pain in chest and difficulty in breathing and difficult expectoration.

Dosage of SBL Drops No 9: Adult: 10 drops in the cup of water 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Children: 5 Drops in the cup of water 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Presentation: 30ml

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