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Hahnemann Bach Flower Mix Remedies

55 results
Bach flower aspen for fear, worries, unknown fears.
Bach flower Agrimony for addiction, unhappiness, anxiety, insomnia.
Bach flower Wild Oat for cross-road in life, decision making, lack of clarity
Bach Flower Mix for Absent Minded, Forgetful with Clematis, Scleranthus, Vervain, White Chestnut
BFR Mix Beech, Impatiens, White Chestnut for Sleep problems, Insomnia
BFR Mix Cerato, Scleranthus for Cocentration problems
BFR Mix Mustard, Rock Water for Breathing problems
BFR Mix Crab apple, Elm, Mustard for Dejection
Bach Flower Mix for Anxiety, Fear with Mimulus, Red Chestnut, White Chestnut
Bach flower Mix for Abusive, Rude, Offensive with Beech, Holly, Willow
BFR Mix Hornbeam, Olive for Baby Blues, Depression
BFR Mix Impatiens, Centaury for mood swings
BFR Mix Aspen, Mimulus, Rock Rose for Anxiety, Nervousness
BFR Mix Impatiens, Holly for Excessively barking dogs
BFR Mix Rescue, Willow for fear of fireworks with dogs
BFR Mix Aspen, Cerato for dogs
BFR Mix Aspen, Cerato for dogs
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BFR Mix Rescue, Willow for pet remedy
BFR Mix Aspen, Mimulus, for Behaviour problems
BFR Mix Olive, Oak for Fatigue
BFR Mix Olive, Oak for Fatigue
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BFR Mix Clematis, Cherry Plum, Wild Oat for Bedwetting
BFR Mix Scleranthus, Holly, Gorse for Commitment Phobia
BFR Mix Gentian, Elm, Red Chestnut for Performance anxiety
BFR Mix Aspen, Mimulus, Beech for fear of driving
BFR Mix Heather, Impatiens, Oak for Allergy
BFR Mix White Chestnut, Rock Water, Cerato for High BP
BFR Mix Vine, Rock Water, Rescue for Chronic joint pain
BFR Mix Rock Water, Vine for Headaches
BFR Mix Vine, Heather, Larch for Lovesickness
BFR Mix Mustard, Red Chestnut for Winter Blues
BFR Mix Rock Rose, Rescue for Fear of Flying
BFR Mix Oak, Olive for Professional Exhaustion
BFR Mix Vervain, Vine, Water Violet for Puberty, Adolescence
BFR Mix Walnut, Elm for Anxiety due to separation
BFR Mix Aspen, Rock water for High sensitivity
BFR Mix Cherry plum, Chestnutbud, Cerato to overcome Bullying at school
BFR Mix Clematis, Elm, Red Chestnut for Stress, Anxiety, tension
55 results
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