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Dr. Pranjali Gallstones Treatment Medicines

Dr. Pranjali recommends; Watch her You Tube video titled "Gallstones symptoms & homeopathic treatment | gallbladder stones symptoms & homeopathic medicine" to know more. She recommends following Mother tincture combination Medicines for gallstone treatment

Chelidonium Q is considered as one of the best remedies for gall bladder stones by many. This particular homeopathic medicine is most effective when there is a pain due to obstruction of the bile ducts due to the stones. Dosage:

Chionanthus Q is considered a prominent remedy for the prevention of the formation of gall stones. It helps the expulsion of gall stones if already formed.

Berberis vulgaris Q is an excellent remedy for gall stone colic and also for the removal of stones. It is of great help for treating sharp, stitching pains in the gall bladder.

Carduus Q is excellent for gall stone colic. There is swelling of the gall bladder with tenderness and pain. Carduus prevents further formation of gall stone.                   

Dosage: Mix the Mother tincture form of all the above medicines in equal combination in a bottle. 20 drops in ¼ cup of water 3 times a day. (Morning-Afternoon-Evening)

Other Medicines:

Fel Tauri 3X is an excellent remedy for gall stones. This medicine increases the duodenal secretion, emulsifies fat and increases the action of intestines. Liquefies bile and removes the obstruction of gall ducts. Fel Tauri helps the expulsion of biliary calculi. Dosage: 2 tablets 3 times a day. (Morning-Afternoon-Evening)

Dr Reckeweg R7 drops  is indicated for functional complaints of gallbladder and liver. Dosage: 15 drops with some water 3 times a day (Morning-Afternoon-Evening)

Note: We have made available all above remedies in Galstonil kit,  it contains 6 units (1 unit each) of sealed 30ml drops of: Chionanthus Virginica Q, Berberis vulgaris Q, Carduus Marianus Q, Chelidonium Majus Q, Fel tauri 3X, Dr.Reckeweg R7

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Berberis Vulgaris Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q
Dr.Reckeweg R7 Liver & Gallbladder drops for Stones, Hepatitis, Constipation, Digestive disorders
Dr.Reckeweg R7 Liver and Gallbladder drops
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Schwabe Indian Magnesium Phosphoricum biochemic
Gallstone treatment medicines in homeopathy like chionanthus, berberis vulgaris, carduus mar, fel tauri, R7
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Schwabe Natrum Sulphuricum Biochemics Tablets for Oedema, Flu symptoms
German Dr. Reckweg Berberis Vulgaris Mother Tincture Q
German Berberis Vulgaris Mother Tincture Q
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Schwabe Fel Tauri 3x,6x Homeopathy Trituration Tablet
German-Dr-reckeweg Carduus-Marianus-Mother-Tincture-Q
German Carduus Marianus Mother Tincture Q
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Wheezal Homeopathy RC Care Drops, Syrup, Renal Calculi, GallStone
Doliosis D24 Gisol for gallstones, enlarged liver
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